Gilmore Girls “The Fundamental Things Apply” – Season 4 Episode 5

I can’t remember anything in this episode that resembles the title. Was it referring to going on dates? I vaguely remember Luke telling Lorelai during movie night about how he doesn’t like going on dates. Rory was hilarious during her date with Trevor with the urine mints. That actually grossed me out a little once I thought about it. I don’t know if I can look at restaurant mints in the same way ever again. I was sad for Rory at the end though when that guy flat out rejected her. I never thought about how she is a relationship girl and not a dater girl until her mother pointed it out. I thought it was pretty funny when Lane popped over for two seconds because she knew just where and when she could grab two slices of pizza and go. xD

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Gilmore Girls “Chicken or Beef?” – Season 4 Episode 4

I remember the end of this episode, kind of, but the rest not so much, especially the part where Lorelai and Sookie go find Michel in his new job. I thought it was cute when Dean asks Rory if she and her mom are chicken or beef and then definitely says they are so beef, not that they resemble beef. haha. He is the sweetest boyfriend to her even after they are not together anymore. When Dean ends up passed out at Luke’s, that as the saddest moment Rory will never find out about. I was sad for him truly. He really loved her. It makes me wonder when two people get married how much baggage do they hold on to? Is it ever possible to let go of all of your baggage before you say, “I do”?

I liked the part where Rory goes to find Lane and Lane’s band is discussing which famous artists went off to college since Dave’s gone. Rory was able to name a bunch off the top of her head. She is so smart! That is why Dean loves her so much. I wish I could be like her and just recite facts like that off the top of my head.

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Gilmore Girls “The Hobbit, the Sofa and Digger Stiles” – Season 4 Episode 3

I like the title of this episode. It makes me giggle a little because it’s slightly different from the other ones yet very Gilmore. Paris and Sookie annoyed me until I saw things from their point of views and Sookie even made me tear up a little even though I’m not pregnant like her. I think I can relate to how she feels. I understand that fear of “am I going to be a good mother?” Or “can I even be a mother one day?” This is also the infamous episode where Rory meets the Naked Marty. I can’t remember if they ever date, but I guess I’ll find out in subsequent episodes. I love how Lorelai is able to resolve kid problems quickly while making the kid come out feeling good about themselves. I wish I could be more like her in those situations.

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Gilmore Girls “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale” – Season 4 Episode 2

THIS! The famous line that cracks me up every time I think of it happened HERE. Lorelai says, “I recognize that tree.” She and Luke argue over the truck and the mattress to the point where Luke finally says, “We’ve been here before.” And thus, the famous line that cracks me up every time I think of it.

This episode made me put myself in Lorelai’s shoes. I don’t know. Usually I’m seeing things from Rory’s point of view, but this time I couldn’t stop thinking out of Lorelai’s head and I’m glad most of the episode highlighted their mother-daughter relationship. I think Yale took that mattress a little too seriously though. I had totally forgotten about seeing more of Paris on this show and then she showed up unexpectedly. Rory didn’t think she would see her again either, so I wasn’t alone.

But Terrence?! It was funny how she was still her old self despite having a life coach. He seemed like a useful guy though. Maybe I need one. I’m not sure they follow you around like that though. I couldn’t believe they have a suitemate who is only 16 though. And for once Rory didn’t feel the need to whine about how she is behind everybody else and hasn’t read every book in the world. I remember that episode.

I love what Lorelai did for Rory. I just don’t think I could have asked my mother to sleep over on the first night. She really did a good job being the cool mom. This shows how she’s her mom and her friend. Now Rory made some new friends and figured out the best places to get takeout and coffee….ahh, the college life!

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Gilmore Girls “Ballrooms and Biscotti” – Season 4 Episode 1

I did not have any recollection of this episode until the part where Rory opens her mail and realizes she wrote the date down wrong. Suddenly I remembered they were running out of time to squeeze in “The Godfather.” I now want to see “The Godfather” and Sophia die over and over again. Luke fighting with Taylor at the beginning was hilarious. xD

I also did not remember Luke ever going on a cruise, though I do have a faint memory of him talking about that cruise before Lorelai and Rory go on their backpacking trip. I certainly do not remember his story about proposing to Nicole (that was his girlfriend’s name, wasn’t it?), getting married, and then getting divorced.

Now Emily was the clever one this episode, but also really annoying!! -.- She automatically assumes Lorelai is out to get her without even thinking that maybe they got the date written down wrong so they have less time to get everything packed and ready to go for Yale.

Oh and speaking of Taylor. Really?! That was a little much to put pick Rory as the ice cream queen and then make fun of her like that for not showing up on opening day. I can’t believe it. Of course it got to Rory too in the end and I did enjoy that bit.

Kirk’s complaint to Lorelai for forgetting his gift was funny as well, then at the end he shows up in the middle of Lorelai and Luke’s conversation and that was funny. He’s the comic relief character.

Ah, I love returning to another season of Gilmore Girls. Much <3!

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Gilmore Girls “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio” – Season 3 Episode 22

Well this is it I guess. I almost forgot that Friday dinners had to come back, but I guess that makes sense since there are four more seasons. I honestly don’t know if I would have gone to my grandparents like that, the way Rory did for the tuition money if the same thing had happened to me. That was very ballsy for her and I admire her for doing that for her mom. Sookie was so annoying with the getting up to take pictures during the graduation ceremony, but I also think it’s nice to have someone who’s not in your immediate family care about you that much. Lorelai was hilarious with the champagne at the beginning when she thinks she will not be getting the inn as planned. That’s actually a good idea when you get bad news. And Jess Jess Jess. I think it’s pretty ballsy of Rory to know it was Jess on the phone and to give him that speech that she did. I’m glad they showed it was him after all, but why did he not say anything?! I know he did that though, since later on Rory has more issues with him, especially him running off and coming back, then disappearing again, then coming back, blah blah blah. JESS.

Oh and Luke has a dream about Lorelai? That’s interesting…they should get together already!!

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Gilmore Girls “Here Comes the Son” – Season 3 Episode 21

I’m not sure I like having Jimmy in the picture. It was sad watching Jess basically beg him for a place to crash. I mean, Jess did it in his own Jess way, but still. He was begging. I didn’t know he even made this trip all the way out to California, but I guess there must have been some destination that explained for his disappearance from Rory’s life and then coming back and then doing that all over again. It feels weird that Rory and Lorelai aren’t obligated to have Friday night dinners with Emily and Richard anymore. I liked how Rory was able to fight with her mother when she was getting picked up from her grandparents’, but then come back in to Emily and tell Emily how ridiculous she’s being. She didn’t take anybody’s side. That was very¬†Legally Blonde¬†classy of her.

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