Lisa See’s “Dreams of Joy”

I finally finished the sequel to “Shanghai Girls.” Wow. It’s hard to know where to begin. I didn’t expect the father to randomly reappear at the end. Dun staying behind while the rest of the family tries to run away reminded me so much of the end of “The Sound of Music.” I’m glad he didn’t get killed or anything brutal like that. I was sickened again though. Like the rape scene in “Shanghai Girls,” I felt sick thinking about families becoming so frail they must eat their own children to stay alive. It’s amazing Pearl’s daughter Joy was able to stay alive. She’s a smart girl, even while starving to death to come up with such a brilliant chicken feather plan to tell her mother she was dying. And Tao turned out not to be the guy for her. It makes me think that you really gotta know someone before agreeing to marry them. The only trick is, how do you know? This person could totally be pretending to be one way with you, and then as soon as you turn your back, be a different person. You feel me?

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Lisa See’s “Shanghai Girls”

I must confess, if you couldn’t tell already, that I haven’t been watching any Asian dramas lately. I have read an Asian novel though. It’s called Shanghai Girls. I’m going to be running to the library shortly, so I’ll just go over this quickly (I know, I really need to work on my timing). The book made me feel sick to my stomach about rape, disgusted about older men who need diapers and are delusional due to a soft-bone-sick-disease-thingy, dislikeful of Asian fathers who gamble their money away and have to marry their daughters off to save their own @$$, hateful of China’s love for baby boys over baby girls, dislikeful of Lisa See’s use of Chinese words spelled out phonetically throughout places in the story that serve to enhance the story yet only ended up distracting me to agitation, this book fits into the Asian drama theme I have going for sure as it kept me reading from one drama to the next. Seems like drama is all there is.

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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 14

Seriously it’s kinda creepy to think that some ppl show up at another person’s home and tries to break in and change the e-mail so that person doesn’t read it. If this really happened, it wouldn’t go down so well.

Ohhh, yeah! xD He pretended not to recognize her on purpose! That part was definitely confusing. Props to Show Luo for being such a great actor, haha.

I’m really glad that she cannot forgive Run Fa. At least some of us have not lost our silly girly heads. :P Is it true? Guys really do find it attractive in a girl when she can eat so much? Other than that, I think it’s sweet that Chen Bao Chu orders exactly what Lin Da Lung ordered at one point.

The wedding is so American! I always wondered if people in China get married the traditional way anymore.

So this actually reminds me a little bit of ‘The Vow.’ Glad I finally got to the end! Any suggestions for what I should watch next? :)


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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 13

My apologies, but I wrote a whole entire post and was ready to post it about this episode, but somehow it got all deleted and now I’m too angry to repost the whole thing so I’m just going to make this really brief. Basically what I said was Mei-Chia annoys me because she’s wimpy and acts all immature and Bao Chu Jie is the only one fitting to be with Da Lung and the only one who can really protect him when he’s in trouble.

I’m also sick that Run Fa would kidnap them and ask for ransom and basically use Da Jie like that. It sucks because the drama leaves without her having a love life even after all that she’s done to be good and keep Da Lung safe.


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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 12

Why is it that every time two guys are having a fistfight it’s always over some girl? Asking him how he can stand there and watch her be heartbroken is reminding me of that part in ‘The Notebook.’ Man, how many times is she going to slap him? xD

It’s always the really good guy friend who’s supposed to be with the girl who gets lost in the shuffle in the end. :/ That always makes me sad. I’m sad for Xue Zhang.

I like the sound of someone typing away on their laptop in dramas. It’s kind of comforting in a weird sort of way. And then you can hear their matching voice which makes it that much better. Asian families hate it when their ‘most precious’ is lovesick and wish to remedy this by separating the parties involved, sometimes out of the country, eh?

Nowadays it is really rare to see a guy chase after a girl who’s leaving town. OK and then here comes the strange part. It’s starting to feel a lot like Titanic as Hsueh Hai tries to save Bao Chu Jie from the fire. And now a little bit of Romeo and Juliet…

They end up in the ER unconscious and when Hsueh Hai finally wakes up, he ends up walking around town with his head all gauzed up, reverting back to Ugly Mushroom Head. That part I didn’t really get.

Why do they always insist that more money is going to find the missing person? That more money is going to solve everything?

Here it is:


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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 11

I could start this off with a self-absorbed rant, but I won’t in light of the season. *ahem* I am listening to some Disney music and a phone call from my neighbor that never seems to end. At least I think it’s a phone call.


The sound of her voice as Miss Sweetheart is actually pretty soothing, even if you can’t see her face. Well! The way Da Jie is handling the 500 toilets is enough of a rant for me on my behalf! lol xD I actually feel slightly better now. Such good timing. Seriously he’s having a girl moment! “Tell her I’m not ready, or I’m not here…” You see that with girls all the time, haha. Oh Lin Da Lung!

Why do they always insist on using head communication gear to have someone else listen in on the conversation and then that person tell them what to say? Makes me think of the Cyrano de Bergerac story all over again. Ohhh, it just occurred to me that since watching this drama I have gotten together and broken up with my first boyfriend and that note he was talking about triggered a thing I went over with my mom–she disapproved of this boyfriend of mine because partly he is poor, but it’s not just that–he didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Later on she informed me that if I were to try to get back together with him, she will never approve. :/

OK, yeahhhh…she never threatened to do anything to my boyfriend, but still, I do have an inkling of how they feel here. The way Bao Chu Jie describes why mushroomhead means so much to her makes me want to be that kind of person. And then she’s crying as she talks and it feels so real, like those are real tears.

Mo Lee’s eyes are huge. O.O That’s all I have to say about that!

Wow, I didn’t think China really celebrated Valentine’s Day. Oh, right, this is in Taiwan? O.0 Actually what Hseuh Hai did may seem painful (telling her that he’s married and then showing her the picture), but in a way, he was helping her move on and stop reopening the wound. I guess it hurt that much. :/

Aww, I wanna Pink Panther plush I can talk to whenver I’m feeling in a ranty/down mood, hehe. I just noticed Show Luo has two piercings in his ear.

Oh no! :O She’s going back to campus to relive memories! Erg, not the best idea? Thinking about fate can be cruel sometimes. How can someone seem so far away when they’re standing right next to you? :'( I wonder if she would have shouted all those things if no one was there to watch?

3..2..1…and reading the card…SHE’S BACK! XD haha, it’s cute how he pulls over to pick up! Yay, no calling and driving at the same time! OMG I’m afraid of this too…don’t want to be tormented with the memories of someone I just cannot forget. Grrr….

Haha, don’t you love how girls’ voices change when they talk to their love interest? And when words don’t work…apparently body slamming on the table does! Yippee! Girls can really hold grudges for a long time, eh?

Alright, you know the drill, here’s the eppy:


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