Gilmore Girls “Lorelai Out of Water” – Season 3 Episode 12

I did not expect this episode to be about what it was about, but as soon as Lorelai started learning how to fish, I put the connection together with the title. She was quite the funny with Luke and I liked how he joked about her needing to take them out to the bar treating them to a couple of bears. Oh that was good! xD

I felt bad for Kim when she got all her hopes up that she would get to go to prom with Dave, but then her mom picked out a different guy and said Dave wasn’t Korean. 😦

I think this episode was also the only one where Jess is actually civil to Luke, just bonding over Luke asking out a woman. He made fun of him, but he didn’t start a fight with him or anything.

Sorry guys, not too much to say about this episode, but it did leave me wondering what’s going to happen next.

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Gilmore Girls “I Solemnly Swear” – Season 3 Episode 11

I have no recollection of watching this episode before, so I’m happy I saw it now. I think Paris jumped to conclusions a little too quickly and I can’t believe she was actually thinking of hurting Rory during fencing. That was too much. I get that she’s upset, but it was unlike her to not think rationally about things before jumping to conclusions. When Rory went to bed early I could relate to the feeling of avoiding communication with a group of girls all day can be exhausting.

My favorite part was when the girls ran into Luke outside his diner and started ordering their dinner, but then added other things that they need like magazines and things for the bathroom if I recall correctly. That cracked me up.

Lorelai got hit on of course and I liked her exchange with the guy she didn’t know before. Francie officially scares me now, but I like how Rory deals with it by plugging in her earphones and not letting it bother her even if she’s eating alone.

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Gilmore Girls “That’ll Do, Pig” – Season 3 Episode 10

I don’t think I actually saw this episode before, so it was nice. It was interesting to see Emily freak out over her mother-in-law coming into town in the same way Lorelai freaks out over Emily. The funny thing is Lorelai was able to give her mother advice on how to deal with her mother. I didn’t see that one coming, just like I didn’t see it coming at the end when she stands up to her mother and says she’s not finished with her course.

Clara is adorable, but I have to agree with Jess — too annoying. It kind of made me laugh watching Dean acting all sweet and gentle in front of Rory, but then when he’s alone with Jess he gets all up in Jess’ face and in Jess’ head. Jess actually looks scared of Dean again, letting insecurity sink in. I’m kind of nervous for Jess now and I didn’t think that would be possible, given the kind of guy Jess is.

I want that teddy bear! Oh, and Kirk was funny in the restaurant with Rory and Dean, listing all the different flavors and options. xD

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Gilmore Girls “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” – Season 3 Episode 9

Once again, these girls can pack it away like a bottomless pit. Four Thanksgiving meals in one day! I would never want to go up against them in an eating contest. I understand why Emily is upset about Lorelai avoiding her calls, but I really didn’t think it was necessary of her to make her come to Thanksgiving dinner or else. Emily seems to get more and more manipulative with each episode.

I liked how this one showed just how obsessed Sookie can get with her cooking and having everything just so. It cracked me up at the end when she’s really drunk. This was also the first time I’ve seen Jackson in such an attractive, manly light deep-frying everything and all the guys around him hailing him a hero. It was really neat to see that.

I liked how Lorelai talked to Dean and made things less awkward, but that smile he got on his face was mischievous. Then later when he threatens Jess like that I knew why, but I wasn’t expecting that behavior from Dean. Jess actually looked scared of him and I wasn’t expecting that from Jess either. At the same time, there was a teeny part of me that liked Dean standing up for himself. He’s right. This is his town and he shouldn’t be hiding. He shouldn’t be hiding if it’s not his town either.

Lane’s kiss with Dave was cute. I don’t like the sound of his voice very much, but it was amazing he could get past Lane’s mother like that and not make Mrs. Kim suspicious. At least not yet, hehe.

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Gilmore Girls “Let the Games Begin” – Season 3 Episode 8

This was the beginning of Rory getting interested in another school besides Harvard. While I don’t agree either with how Richard handled it, I see things from his point of view as well. I’m really seeing how stubborn Lorelai is, but so are her parents, which is probably where she got it from.

I appreciated that love story Richard told about how Emily “stole” him from another girl. It was cute how she wouldn’t agree she “stole” him. I was surprised Emily didn’t really know what Richard was up to. And then Rory said the exact words I would have used had I been in the same situation. I started to see how much she’s a people-pleaser in this episode. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before, but maybe I just really paid attention this time. She agreed to go on this road trip to Yale to please her grandfather and then at the end of the episode she had to leave Jess abruptly just to apologize to Dean because of how bad she felt. That part made me sad. It made me sad to see Dean like that when he deserved better.

I actually didn’t think this episode would show her and Jess together already. He must have dumped Shane so quick as soon as he found out the feelings were mutual. Oh, wait, that happened last episode already. :O That means he definitely showed up at the dance marathon to make Rory jealous. Harumph!

I loved the bit at the beginning when Lorelai and Rory had trouble walking to Luke’s and talked about how far away Luke’s is. Then when Rory sits in the wrong chair, Lorelai made some comment about how she’s the alpha male so Rory must move over. xD These girls crack me up.


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Gilmore Girls “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” – Season 3 Episode 7

I really liked this episode, but it’s really late right now and I need to get to bed so I will make this brief.

I loved how Luke said he had mad cow twice in the past week and his color was fine.

I loved how into the dance marathon Lorelai was.

I loved how Dean kept trying to ruin things with Lane calling and hanging up on the guy she likes who happens to be in her band. I liked how he covered for her when he came for a sandwich and mentioned his parents are in Bible study. That was really cute!

I loved how Jamie came and found Paris and wouldn’t let go of her hand and ended up telling her that while she was a distraction for him, she was a distraction he was supposed to have. I wish a guy who cared about me like that wasn’t afraid to let me know.

It was interesting how Jess showed up to the dance with Shane, but it was almost a relief to see Dean stand up for himself like that.

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Gilmore Girls “Take the Deviled Eggs…” – Season 3 Episode 6

I didn’t think everyone should make such a big deal about Jess getting a car, including the part where Lane tells him off for Rory, making up bunions and stuff. I didn’t find it funny when Rory and Lorelai deviled egged his car either, only the next day part when Luke makes fun of him for it. That whole Wal-Mart bit was funny too, like Luke had a way to get back at him for all the times he’d been lippy with Luke.

I felt Lorelai’s pain though during the bathroom scene. I didn’t want Rory to have put back everything in the medicine cabinet. Then maybe they wouldn’t have to egg Jess’ car.

Taylor’s bit with those religious men was pretty funny.

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