Gilmore Girls “One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes” – Season 3 Episode 4

I don’t think after watching this I figured out what the title means, but I do know the second part is referring to Lane. I think it was a brave thing she did making her hair purple, but I think it was really bad she didn’t stick to the plan and let her mother see it that way. She should have left it that way! :/

This episode was also about Rory being jealous over Shane. It was funny watching how angry she got talking to Shane when Shane was behind the beauty counter. My favorite line was, “watching how ice forms is probably really interesting for you too..” or something along those lines. I laughed, but at the same time I thought, wow I’ve never seen Rory this mean to a girl before. o.O

Maybe it was something about being gay or something as well. Shane is mainly a guy’s name and she is hiding in Jess’s closet a lot. Haha, I’m probably reading too much into this.

Then there’s the thing developing between Lorelai and Luke. I don’t like what Jess yelled at Luke, but I do see how Lorelai is able to get Luke to do things for her and in this episode I love how she uses different voices to ask him. xD

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Gilmore Girls “Application Anxiety” – Season 3 Episode 3

I’ve never seen this episode, but it was rather boring. It was kind of cute how panicky Rory got during the panel session when she realized how “unoriginal” her idea to write about Hillary Clinton was. xD Other than that, I didn’t even find the fight between Luke and Taylor all that entertaining. The only thing that brought a little drama was the end when Dean started worrying about the future with Rory. Kirk was being his usual self and this time I didn’t find anything really funny about how he acted. It’s like this episode I got used to my family or something.

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Gilmore Girls “Haunted Leg” – Season 3 Episode 2

Now that’s an interesting title for something that isn’t so obvious this episode. It’s in reference to a comment Lorelai makes at the beginning about being sick and wishing she can’t call it a cold or whatever, but instead a “haunted leg.” xD She cracks me up. I want Lorelai as a best friend, not a mother.

After this beginning comment though, it’s never brought up again later in the episode. So maybe it’s in reference to all the different heartaches they are going through? Rory is still upset about the whole Jess and Shane thing even though she still has Dean. Lorelai is still upset about the whole Chris thing and especially Emily going behind her back to call him.

I can’t believe Rory is upset with Jess though. In this moment I take Jess’s side. She did kiss him, told him not to tell anyone, and then never broke up with Dean. So he is in every right to go out with someone else. Why is she upset? Meanwhile, I get why Chris is upset, but I take Lorelai’s side. He is still going to be with Sherrie, so what does he think he can eat his cake too? But man would it be nice to have someone go after you like that!

The only level-headed one was Luke this episode. He made true statements about the immune system and he was obnoxiously funny about the whole Kirk asking Lorelai out on a date thing.

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Gilmore Girls “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days” – Season 3 Episode 1

I’m back! The break is over…until next season, of course.

I have never seen this episode before so at first wasn’t sure about the Hello Kitty alarm clock at the beginning. It made me smile though. I didn’t even realize the opening was a dream until I saw Lorelai and Luke were a married couple. It was a VERY cute dream though. I half-wished it were a reality for them.

Then hop on over to Rory’s world and you see Paris going crazy over getting a date. She’s almost kinda cute in this moment. I even laughed at her rant when Rory’s on the phone with Dean and she talks about how people are so shocked to hear Paris and date in the same sentence. xD I just thought her asking Rory to get in the closet was a little over-the-top. But it was funny the sarcastic way Rory responds with “anytime” when Paris thanks her for helping her get ready for her date.

I didn’t get emotional until Lorelai walked into Luke’s Diner. I teared up during her melt down and I was touched by how good of a friend Luke was being towards  her, especially when he offered her the donut and called her Mimi to reference back to her referring to herself as a first-time customer named Mimi. I know how she feels. I liked that when she got home, she also made up with Rory.

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Gilmore Girls “I Can’t Get Started” – Season 2 Episode 22

This episode was a little hazy for me, but I remembered the kiss between Rory and Jess. I am glad Lorelai cares about Luke so much she apologized several times to him. I was very disappointed in Chris for leaving Lorelai like that. It left me not liking Sherrie. I also really liked the moment between Luke and Jess when Luke tells Jess Rory is not home and where she’s at before Jess ever said anything about her. He denies he’s going to see her, but of course that’s what he does.

I guess this leaves enough room for another season…

Now I will be going on a break from the show before I start on Season 3.

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Gilmore Girls “Lorelai’s Graduation Day” – Season 2 Episode 21

I agree with Lorelai that there’s got to be something there between Jess and Rory, that Rory is falling for Jess, but I also agree with Rorry that maybe there’s nothing there yet and she just wanted to visit him. I think it was cute how she thinks she’s a part of New York and someone thought she was a native and Jess reassured her he would let that person know she gave him the wrong directions after she got on the bus. I felt bad she left the vinyl record on the bus though. 😦 Her apology was overkill.

At first Emily was really annoying with the cameraman and everything, but I think it was all worth it when she and Lorelai had that moment together and Lorelai got to move her tassel. I really liked that moment. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who fusses over you that much. Sometimes.

It was even cute when Jackson was sleepy and finally “woke up” a few days later. xD

I really wanted to have one of those hot dogs…

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Gilmore Girls “Help Wanted” – Season 2 Episode 20

I have not seen this episode, but now it all makes sense about how Lane got started with playing drums.

I may not have seen this one, but it feels like all the reactions were predictable. Dean comes home and when he finds out Rory has a wrist cast on he freaks out. When Emily finds out she reacts in the same way. Rory goes around apologizing to everyone about the accident so much I could predict the blow up she was about to have with her mother. I didn’t see her talking to Luke at the end though. I didn’t think she’d try to tell him it wasn’t Jess’s fault. It was really nice of her to do so though.

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