Gilmore Girls “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio” – Season 3 Episode 22

Well this is it I guess. I almost forgot that Friday dinners had to come back, but I guess that makes sense since there are four more seasons. I honestly don’t know if I would have gone to my grandparents like that, the way Rory did for the tuition money if the same thing had happened to me. That was very ballsy for her and I admire her for doing that for her mom. Sookie was so annoying with the getting up to take pictures during the graduation ceremony, but I also think it’s nice to have someone who’s not in your immediate family care about you that much. Lorelai was hilarious with the champagne at the beginning when she thinks she will not be getting the inn as planned. That’s actually a good idea when you get bad news. And Jess Jess Jess. I think it’s pretty ballsy of Rory to know it was Jess on the phone and to give him that speech that she did. I’m glad they showed it was him after all, but why did he not say anything?! I know he did that though, since later on Rory has more issues with him, especially him running off and coming back, then disappearing again, then coming back, blah blah blah. JESS.

Oh and Luke has a dream about Lorelai? That’s interesting…they should get together already!!

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Gilmore Girls “Here Comes the Son” – Season 3 Episode 21

I’m not sure I like having Jimmy in the picture. It was sad watching Jess basically beg him for a place to crash. I mean, Jess did it in his own Jess way, but still. He was begging. I didn’t know he even made this trip all the way out to California, but I guess there must have been some destination that explained for his disappearance from Rory’s life and then coming back and then doing that all over again. It feels weird that Rory and Lorelai aren’t obligated to have Friday night dinners with Emily and Richard anymore. I liked how Rory was able to fight with her mother when she was getting picked up from her grandparents’, but then come back in to Emily and tell Emily how ridiculous she’s being. She didn’t take anybody’s side. That was very¬†Legally Blonde¬†classy of her.

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Gilmore Girls “Say Goodnight, Gracie” – Season 3 Episode 20

I feel more and more bad for Jess. His dad shows up! That was so random, but it was what pushed Jess to the limit I feel. I get the feeling he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like anybody telling him what to do even if what they are telling him to do is good for him and something he was thinking about doing. I agree with Rory. Dean is too young to be asking Lindsey to marry him. I really think her reaction was valid and was not coming from a place of insecurity or jealousy like a lot of people would have assumed in this situation. But Dean exhibited his insecurity when he got angry at her reaction. It’s like he was always trying to please her and when he didn’t get the reaction from her he wanted or expected, it made him angry. He obviously still cares a lot about her or he wouldn’t smile at her the way he did each time she passed him at the party and he wouldn’t have fought with Jess at the party. Is it possible to like more than one person at a time? I think this episode is cutting it close.

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Gilmore Girls “Keg! Max!” – Season 3 Episode 19

WOW. I was not expecting that fight at the end, but then again, I also wasn’t expecting the teenager hosting the party to be so responsible and worry about putting his parents’ good furniture decoration thingys away during the party. It was also funny how even though Jess was a teen, he showed the 21-year-old how the keg works. That also showed the writers knew what they were doing adding that scene in there to tell more about Jess’ character. He’s too cool for everyone. Including Rory.

He finally pressures Rory a little bit to have sex, but I really think he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t so bummed about flunking out of high school. It made me think that sometimes sex is the thing that makes a guy feel better. And I really wish when Jess went chasing after Rory that Dean wasn’t there saving her and they could have talked things out and the fight didn’t have to happen. Because now the fight changes everything and you could see it in the end when Rory says Jess’ name and he stares at her for a long second, then walks off.

As for Max, I wasn’t expecting that from him, how he treated Lorelai. It wasn’t bad or anything, but I just wasn’t expecting that some guys are that emotionally conflicted sometimes. I suppose you can’t assume all guys are the same.

Phew! What a lesson-filled episode.

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Gilmore Girls “Happy Birthday, Baby” – Season 3 Episode 18

I loved how sweet Rory was in this episode, planning a whole week of birthday fun for her mom. That pizza at the end looked like perfection. It was sweet how Jackson felt so left out on Sookie’s behalf. It was funny how Luke blew up at the lunch with Nicole’s parents about his Jess problems, but not hilarious. Poor Kirk.

Lorelai is so lucky to have a guy friend like Luke. I need someone like that in my life to help be my handyman and fix everything once a year that I cannot fix. Their little argument over the chocolate cookie thing she was eating (I have no idea what it’s called) was really cute. I love watching the chemistry between them unfold. It’s beautiful.

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Gilmore Girls “A Tale of Poes and Fire” – Season 3 Episode 17

I have never seen Lorelai’s inn get caught on fire, but I suppose that’s how the idea of her and Sookie starting their own comes from. I do think they wanted to do that before the fire though. *shrugs*

I actually can’t remember if this happened this episode or last, but when Paris was dealing with getting rejected by Harvard, I understood how she was dealing with it. She analyzes every part of the application process to find what went wrong, the one thing that caused them to reject her. I do that, sadly, when it doesn’t work out between me and a guy. As a writer you’d think I’d be so used to rejection it wouldn’t bother me ever again, but nope, rejection still hurts every time it happens. Every. Single. Time.

Again, I can’t remember which episode this happened, but I love how Kirk has every job around town. He was scariest as the mail carrier. Even though Dean and everyone else messed with him, I wouldn’t want to mess with him as the mail carrier.

I also love how Jess stays true as Rory’s boyfriend despite his weird schedule. He makes time for her and that shows how much he really likes her. Every girl who’s looking for a boyfriend is looking for someone like that.

EDIT: I absolutely adored Luke at the beginning hugging Rory for getting into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale!

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Gilmore Girls “The Big One” – Season 3 Episode 16

Once again, the title eludes me. Although, I’m thinking about it now and I’m thinking it may refer to the acceptance letters to college. That would make sense considering they were talking about getting into Harvard and then Paris throws a big fit at the end of the episode. I think it’s funny she relates getting accepted with being a virgin or not.

It looks like Rory got into more than one though, and I don’t remember the part where she applies to other schools, but I guess that would make sense since we know she didn’t end up going to Harvard. I’m also glad Jess hasn’t pressured her yet to sleep with him.

I totally didn’t expect Lorelai to run into Max though. I thought of Alex right away, but honestly I feel like Alex was never big in the picture because before starting on this journey I didn’t even know there was an Alex in Lorelai’s life at one point.

I think it’s crazy how Jackson is acting as soon as he finds out Sookie is pregnant, though I didn’t get the connection with cooking bad food. Does that happen when you’re with child? I’m glad he finally tells Sookie how happy he is, but I didn’t like how it was another way to manipulate Sookie into agreeing to do away with her chef’s knives.

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