Gilmore Girls “That Damn Donna Reed” – Season 1 Episode 14

I don’t know where to begin with this one. Luke and Lorelai had a little thing blossoming and then Christopher ruins it by showing up at the end. I can’t believe Rory felt like she had to dress up as Donna Reed to make up with Dean over the fight they had about women’s roles in men’s lives.

But I really want a room like Lane’s or at least a CD storage collection like hers. That is all.

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Gilmore Girls “Concert Interruptus” – Season 1 Episode 13

Episodes like this one make me wish wish wish I could talk like the characters on the show.

The Gilmore girls get tickets to see The Bangles in New York and were originally going to go with Sookie and Lane, but then Rory has a school project and she’s in the same group as Paris and Paris’ ladies-in-waiting. They can only meet at Rory’s place and that’s when Lorelai gets the idea to give the tickets to the girls so Rory can bond with new frenemies. Bad idea. They show up together at the concert, but Pari’s ladies-in-waiting ditch and Lorelai has to go find them. The whole time I’m thinking, “wow, I wonder if I would do something like that when I’m a mother of a teenaged daughter? :O Lorelai is so cool.

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Gilmore Girls “Double Date” – Season 1 Episode 12

I knew the moment I saw the title that these dates would not end well. Todd was not such a bad date like Rune, but he’s not the type of guy I could see myself going on a date with either. I’ve met guys like him. They were not quite so vapid, but they didn’t know how to carry on a conversation and made you do all the work to move the talking along. It’s interesting though that after the date Lane was not into going out with him, but he liked her and even called. It’s funny that she answered and pretended to be her mother not letting her talk to him. Then when her mother finally stopped grounding her so strict, she was allowed outside of the store to the sign. It was nice of Lorelai to talk to her mother. I love that they have a mother code like a bro code. Haha.

Meanwhile Sookie is the cutest thing ever going on her first date with Jackson. But the best part is watching Luke with Lorelai. He wanted to ask her out, but gets interrupted. He gets a second chance, but chickens out at the last second. Man, this is just the first season. To think they could have gotten together really early on! This show would not be the same.

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Gilmore Girls “Paris is Burning” – Season 1 Episode 11

“Look at what happened to Skippy.”

Paris’ parents are going through a divorce and that’s all they’re talking about at Chilton so Rory gets a break and Paris’ best friends are suddenly saying “hi” to her. But she makes the mistake of getting a little bit attached to Max Medina, freaking her mom out and making Lorelai want to break up with him to avoid hurting Rory. Instead, she shows up to his class on Parents Day and ends up making out with him. Paris sees them and spreads the rumor immediately so that everyone can stop talking about her parents and focus on Rory’s mom dating their English teacher. At first Rory is furious with Paris and her mom. Then she confronts Paris and later comes home from school to find Lorelai in tears on her bed. She doesn’t say a word and lays next to her mother to comfort her. I was tearing up myself because I know how it feels to be confused and crushed by a boy you really like. How difficult it is to finally meet someone you like and then not be able to be with them.

For once when Emily Gilmore confronts her daughter about what happened I didn’t think she was going overboard. I thought she was just Mom enough.

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Gilmore Girls “Forgiveness and Stuff” – Season 1 Episode 10

Rory and her mother are holding grudges, but at least they are not shouting at each other. I think it’s funny this episode opens with Rory looking for baby Jesus’ arm. She doesn’t find it, but there’s a dog at the end when they are leaving that holds the arm in his mouth. Probably nothing is going to happen with that dog, but I know I will remember it.

Lorelai gets uninvited to her mother’s Christmas party. Rory goes alone and tries to make things right between her grandmother and her mother, but her grandmother won’t let her. Lorelai really loves her mother’s apple tarts and everyone else asks where she is. Lorelai orders a pizza, but something happens to the van so the pizza guy is unable to deliver in a timely manner. I love how she just opens the fridge, opens a bag of salad and tosses some dressing in the bag and eats with a fork right out of the bag.

Forgiveness doesn’t really come until Rory’s grandfather gets up from the table to turn down the thermostat. He collapses and ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lorelai couldn’t wait for the pizza so ends up at Luke’s. He didn’t have any festive food like she wanted, but when her usual burger is served, he serves it in the shape of a santa. I love it!

When she shows up with Luke at the hospital, Emily is shocked and then questions if they were on a date. Luke is so cute getting sick over sick people. xD When Lorelai agrees she makes a good mom, but isn’t sure she got the daughter thing down, I know how she feels.

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Gilmore Girls “Rory’s Dance” – Season 1 Episode 9

Rory’s awkward way to ask Dean to the dance ended up with her having to be straightforward with Dean. She reminds me of myself in this moment–a need to be smart-cute that ends up not being direct and directness is what guys like. Emily Gilmore in this one was way to controlling. I really didn’t like how she made Dean come to the house after he thought he was supposed to honk the horn and Rory would come out like they had agreed. That part made me a bit angry. Then when she did it again and started a fight with Lorelai about how Rory’s pregnant since she spent the whole night out with Dean and traced it all the way back to Lorelai being like that at 16, blah, blah, blah, I got angry again. The scary part is, my mother is just as controlling as Emily Gilmore. Those fights reminded me of her. This episode was hauntingly reminiscent.

Paris is also a bit ridiculous. She’s way too paranoid. Rory didn’t do anything and she starts screaming at her for something she didn’t do, just because she was afraid Rory told everyone she came to the dance with her cousin. But because of all her screaming, everyone she didn’t want to know about it, finds out about it. I’m pretty sure this is the only episode Jake makes an appearance. Then Tristan had the nerve to pick a fight with Dean right as they were about to leave. I have no idea why except that his jealousy got the better of him, but for what? He knew Rory wasn’t going with him to the dance. What was that all about?

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Gilmore Girls “Love and War and Snow” – Season 1 Episode 8

I love the idea of Lorelai’s magical first snow of the season. But the best part was probably Luke seeing the whole standing in the snow waiting for no one to show up as ridiculous. He loses it at the town meeting and it made me laugh. It made me laugh watching Rory and Lorelai providing commentary to Luke’s losing it process.

I find it interesting that Lane ends up at their house without having the keys or anything. I like having a close friend, but I don’t know if I like having oneĀ that close. I do feel bad for her though. She touched a guy’s hair she really liked without his permission. It was cute when later Lorelai talks to her about it and ends up touching Max Medina’s hair just to see what that feels like.

Meanwhile, I’m surprised Rory’s grandparents end up liking the frozen pizza she makes. It seems like it would be one of the last things they’d enjoy with their refined taste.

Finally, I can relate to Lane’s struggle of having a best friend who seems to have it all already while dealing with her life’s lack-ofs. Oi.

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