Gilmore Girls “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” – Season 2 Episode 5

I remember this episode so clearly, but it still makes me laugh every time I watch it. My favorite part is when Luke pushes Jess into the lake and then goes to Lorelai’s to confess. Also the part at the end when Jess runs into Rory out on the street and they have their literary banter. Oh! One part I did forget about is when Lorelai get so desperate for a Danish and a coffee she asks Rory to get one for her, but then when that doesn’t work, she tries asking a little boy that randomly walks by for help and he runs away. xD

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Gilmore Girls “The Road Trip to Harvard” – Season 2 Episode 4

This is one of those memorable episodes. I remember watching this one not that long ago. Actually it might have been quite a while ago, but I remember lots about it.

Lorelai is dealing with breaking off her wedding in her own way by going on an impromptu road trip with her best friend who also happens to be her daughter. They kind of argue over using a map or not and end up in a B&B called The Chesire Cat where the lady at the front desk insists on them ringing the bell even though she’s sitting right there. Then, even though they are starving, they avoid eating when they see who is downstairs. They don’t want to chitchat with strangers. The next day they end up at Harvard and I’m excited for Rory like I’m her mother or something. It’s a weird feeling, but I get it every time I watch this episode.

I love how Lorelai is 32, but looks young and gets hit on by one of the college dudes. I want to be Lorelai Gilmore when I grow up. Meanwhile, it’s pretty funny when Lorelai is on the phone with Sookie and when she asks her if anything is going on, Sookie holds up the phone so Lorelai can hear the argument going on between Luke and Kirk. Then Sookie breaks the news to Luke about Lorelai and Max and he’s all chipper, going around giving everyone coffee on the house. xD

When the girls get back into town, everything looks the same, except now everyone wants to give Lorelai a hug. Oh! I absolutely loved the part when Rory walks into a lecture hall and ends up participating in the discussion. And, the part when they sneak into a girl’s dorm room and take a picture while looking for Susie. haha.

Seriously there’s lots to love about this episode. Lane is back from Korea! Also, when Lorelai tells her mother about breaking off the wedding, the thing she’s thinking of is she’s got to return her gift.

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Gilmore Girls “Red Light on the Wedding Night” – Season 2 Episode 3

Emily Gilmore made me tear up thinking about the kind of love I want. Luke fighting with Taylor about the traffic light was pretty funny and I like the structure he carves for her at the end. That was a really nice gesture considering he’s the one who likes her and is about to lose her to Max.

Michel also cracked me up this episode, showing another side of him, a side that is actually fun. xD

This episode also makes me wish I could just steal their dialogues throughout the day.

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Gilmore Girls “Hammers and Veils” – Season 2 Episode 2

As always, I love that this show is a good distraction from my life. Only Lorelai would know how to dress up a hammer and make it look “pretty.” I think even though Paris hates Rory, her friends secretly like Rory and want her to succeed. I love that Dean is willing to watch Rory browse a bookstore for 6-7 hours. Then when they get into a fight, he comes back to apologize to her at her mother’s engagement party. How did she end up with such a perfect first boyfriend?!

I love the part when Rory goes up to Kirk and asks him why he’s not tap dancing. Then gives her opinion on the structure of the gazebo because she helped build a house the day before. I also loved the part when Lorelai invites Luke to come out to her party and they talk about the ketchup. Seriously, I’d love to live in a town like theirs, but then again I might never get used to it and then wish for my old life back.

Okay, I didn’t like the fight between Lorelai and her mother, but it made me laugh to see the way Max had to introduce himself to Emily. And another thing I love about this town: how they love making up after fights. Some people don’t make up.

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Gilmore Girls “Sadie, Sadie” – Season 2 Episode 1

“Sadie, Sadie married lady.” That’s what Sookie calls Lorelai after her best friend tells her she’s basically engaged. It’s from some song I think, but I’ve never heard of it. But I like how no matter what goes on in their lives, there’s always a reference. That’s the beauty of the show.

I love how the whole town watches Lorelai break the news to Luke. Then in his calm way he sends her in a panic mode, not having hashed out all the details about where they are going to live, how they are going to bank, etc. It’s Luke’s subtle way of winning. Just think.

Meanwhile, Lane is going to be shipped off to Korea for life and she talks to Rory about it in her cool closet with colors and music playing. The suitcase is the size of a person and her parents bought a one-way ticket.

At Friday night dinner, they find out Rory has reached the top three percent of her class so her grandmother would like to throw a celebration dinner party the following week and she’s allowed to invite one guest. She asks Dean even though he’s hesitant and when he shows up, drama ensues. The beer bit was funny, but when Rory’s grandfather sees him, he turns into a father who’s questioning his daughter’s boyfriend about his plans for the the future and all that jazz, basically pointing out he’s not good enough for her. This makes both Rory and Richard furious at each other, but at the end, Emily asks Richard to apologize to Rory because she gets a call from Sookie about Lorelai’s wedding shower and realizes their daughter is getting married and never told them. That made me a little sad and surprised for once she didn’t throw a fit or something.

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Gilmore Girls “Love, Daisies and Troubadours” – Season 1 Episode 21

Ah, the season finale. I remember the “I love you, you idiot!” part, but I did not remember the Max/Rachel/Luke parts. Can I also just say how hilarious Michel is? xD He cracks me up no matter what, but this particular scene with him and Kirk arguing about the 1,000 daisies was really funny.

I didn’t like Tristan in this one. I started to feel bad for him after the whole Summer thing, but he was obnoxious trying to ask Rory out. Plus, did he have to tell Paris’ friends he was going to the P.J. Harvey concert with Rory when she never agreed?

It was cute and frustrating to watch Rory trying to get in touch with Dean. But I’m glad she tried every subtle thing she could think of otherwise he may never have showed up at her school.

The other part I really liked is after Rachel has the talk with Luke about his feelings for Lorelai. He denies them, but when he shows up at her house to take back his toolbox, affectionately named Bert, he meets Max and gets in a full-on defensive mode with him. I loved that part!

P.S. – The troubadours weren’t really a big part of this. It was kind of random, but I guess a kind of way to end the first season.

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Gilmore Girls “P.S. I Lo…” – Season 1 Episode 20

This was another emotional episode for me, but I felt happier after each scene. My favorite part was when Lorelai runs into Luke outside of a girly store for older women and tries to find out what he bought. I thought it was very nice and generous of her to offer to go shopping for his girlfriend for him. Then the really hilarious part came when she came back with bags full of clothes for him as well due to they were 6,000% off. Haha.🙂

But like Lorelai, it broke my heart to see Rory’s heart so broken. Yet, at the same time, I understood Rory’s frustration with everyone “protecting” her from Dean, happy relationship news, etc. I didn’t agree with Rory running away to Grandma’s, but I was glad she did because then she couldn’t have a heartfelt talk with her mom about how to say “I love you” to someone. I felt like I needed to hear this talk because I’ve never had this kind of talk with my own mother. And plus she used a funny Taylor Hanson hypothetical situation to get her point across and all Rory can think about is why Hanson and how did they meet. lol

Then the episode ended with Lorelai making calls to everyone in her address book to tell them that she and Max Medina were talking again. That was cute.

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