Gilmore Girls “The Party’s Over” – Season 5 Episode 8

I think the party is over for Dean. It sure almost seems like it for Zach too haha. But I do know later on that changes…for Zach at least…

Logan. This beginning part is not so bad. In fact, he seems to be good for Rory. But just like Lorelai, I feel like making that heated call to Emily and Richard and asking them to stay out of Rory’s love life. At the same time, I feel Lorelai’s feeling at the end when she sees Rory pull up in that limousine. (I can’t think of the word, but I feel like there’s a word for this feeling.)

What a piece of work, that T.J. His character makes it easy for us to see how right Luke is about Liz’s relationships. As always, Lorelai knows how to provide humor and comfort and make any awkward situation less awkward.

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Gilmore Girls “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” – Season 5 Episode 7

This is the beginning of Logan and Rory. And, now I know, also the beginning of Zach and Lane. Zach is so cute with Lane. He takes a long time to process things and that’s just like me, which only reinforces my belief that I think like a dude. It was so funny how Luke didn’t believe Lorelai’s mother was mean to him on purpose and then he realizes it at the end of the night. xD

I like Logan this episode. I bet this is going to be one of the few episodes I do. This is the first episode where I see how Dean isn’t the best for Rory. Logan is able to get Rory to break out of her shell a little more. I just don’t like how sharp girls are considered sheltered. I’m like that too. :/

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Gilmore Girls “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!” – Season 5 Episode 6

I’m sad to say I did not know who Norman Mailer was until watching this episode, but this is one of the few episodes where the title sounds familiar. I completely forgot the iced tea bit and it didn’t hit me it was funny until the very end when they end up at Luke’s.

Up until now I have always thought Dean was the best boyfriend for Rory, but something about this episode made me see him in a different light and I no longer feel this way. Logan becomes a bigger part of Rory’s life in this episode as well and I love how he calls her Ace right at the beginning. Now I know where that nickname comes from. It’s a cute scene.

Kirk. xD Need I say more?

I had a feeling Rory was going to confront her dad, but I didn’t think she would actually do it. I’m pretty sure Luke is the better guy for Lorelai between him and Chris, but there’s something about Chris.

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Gilmore Girls “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin” – Season 5 Episode 5

I vaguely remember seeing the end of this episode when Luke blows up about Dean and they almost break the Bop-It! game. I have never watched the development between Lane and Zach unfold, but I’ve gotta say it’s fun.

Oddly enough, I enjoyed Luke’s comparison of Pippi Longstocking to Rory. Or is it Rory to Pippi Longstocking? I like that he’s protective like a father would be, even though it’d be totally weird to imagine him as Rory’s father.

I’m also sad Emily and Richard are separated and have trouble speaking to each other. It’s easier for me to imagine younger couples separated than grandparent couples separated. I’m not sure why. That’s just how I feel.

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Gilmore Girls “Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too” – Season 5 Episode 4

Taylor is ridiculous. I can’t believe I felt so sorry for him like Lorelai did when I saw him sitting alone in the dark. I really can’t. >.<

Go Lane! She finally tells Zach how she feels.

Dean once again proves he’s the perfect boyfriend and reminds the rest of us girls how we don’t have a boyfriend like Dean.

I love the ending when Lorelai goes to see Luke and realizes he goes to bed early because he gets up early. I hope one day I have someone who gets me like that.

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Gilmore Girls “Written in the Stars” – Season 5 Episode 3

Feelings suck. They make you drive to your granddaughter’s college just to make your separated husband where you were all night instead of you wondering where he was at 7:30 at night.

They make you smoke a pipe just to smell like your dead boyfriend again.

They make you drive back home to see your man from high school when someone asks if you have a boyfriend and your answer is “I don’t know.”

They make you speechless when your ex-girlfriend you’ve been sleeping with that broke up your marriage shows up on your porch and you let her in without the two of you exchanging a single word.

However, Luke and Lorelai’s first date was the cutest thing ever and I love love love how Luke kept the horoscope from when he met Lorelai in his wallet for 8 years. ❤

That is all.

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Gilmore Girls “A Messenger, Nothing More” – Season 5 Episode 2

Drama, drama, drama. And it always happens between relationships. I think the title is perfect. Lane and Zach. Rory and Dean. Luke and Lorelai, although Luke and Lorelai’s drama wasn’t as bad.

I’m now convinced Rory going to Europe at the last minute without saying anything to Dean was a bad idea. Him angrily telling her that his marriage is ruined over a girl that dumped him once already was proof. Ugh, but of course if she just ended up with him happily ever after now, there probably wouldn’t have been another season. I am excited to see this all unfold though. It was kind of cathartic to watch Lindsay throw everything out the window like that. It was not fun watching Lindsay’s mother confront Lorelai and Rory though. 😦

The best part was watching Lane get worked up over Zach’s fries. That drama was fun to watch. She gets worked up over people she cares about and things that matter to her. Luke and Lorelai are still really cute together, especially when they didn’t get to kiss.

I feel like I’m learning a lot about relationships. If you have something to say to your man, call him, talk to him, or write to him from Europe and have your mother deliver it to him. The way Dean asked Lorelai about Rory was cute. He really cared for Rory.

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