Gilmore Girls “Run Away, Little Boy” – Season 2 Episode 9

AKA the last episode Tristan shows up. I think the title is kind of ironic because he’s not really running away. Those words could never be used to describe Tristan.

Everything Sookie tells Lorelai about Luke is so true. I like how she explains it to her and then Lorelai goes to Luke at the end, making him happy to confirm that yes, he will always be in her life and vice versa. They have never dated, but there are things heating up between them for sure that goes beyond dating, if that makes sense.

I enjoyed the blueberry pancakes fight between Michel and Sookie at the beginning just as much as I enjoyed the girls calling the ice cream maker and orphan. You can always count on Michel to provide some comic relief. xD

Brad being terribly afraid to do the scene with them and then transferring schools at the end is pretty funny. I liked Lorelai and Paul’s, aka the kid, burrito bit. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing more of Paul after this episode.

This episode makes me sad. There’s a part of me that always believed maybe the best guy for Rory would have been Tristan had he stayed.

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Gilmore Girls “The Ins and Outs of Inns” – Season 2 Episode 8

If you feel like you are not being heard by your manager or supervisor, you may go to their supervisor to be heard. That’s what Emily Gilmore reminded me of at the end when she finally meets Mia.

I didn’t find it that amusing what Jess did, but I found Rory’s reaction to be amusing. I also like how she defended Luke to Jess and then he changed for her, fixing the broken toaster that Luke just couldn’t get to work.

I also really loved Luke giving Lorelai advice. That moment was special because he didn’t make it all scary and serious, but he got his point across and made Lorelai feel better. That’s what I call a good guy friend. 🙂

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Gilmore Girls “Like Mother, Like Daughter” – Season 2 Episode 7

This episode cracked me up several times starting with Kirk chiming in on Lorelai and Rory’s conversation about how he carried a duffel bag and ate alone all the time and turned out fine, and in the middle of it I realized I have seen this one before. I think it’s interesting that Rory’s school would be so concerned about her they observed her social skills, but then again, I have never gone to a school like Chilton before.

It was fun watching Lorelai and Luke’s bit over who he’s allowed to date. You can tell she gets jealous when another woman enters the picture or even tries to enter the picture. It’s endearing how much she trusts Luke with the toolbox.

I also liked the part when Paris sees Rory sitting with the Puffs and takes a step back to make sure she can believe what she’s seeing. Then her story about how much she’s sucked up to the Puffs made me laugh. It was definitely ironic at the end when they get caught by the headmaster trying to join the Puffs and Rory had to give him a speech about it.

I like that Rory went back to her normal routine after that whole incident. And one of the other girls who was trying to be more “social” as well ends up sitting at Rory’s lunch table doing the exact same thing she does, making her smile.

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Gilmore Girls “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore” – Season 2 Episode 6

I’m  watching this episode exactly 15 years later…weird…o.O

Anyway, not much drama happened in this episode until the end when we find out Richard and Emily have been fighting because Richard feels he is about to lose his job soon. I guess when a man places his whole identity on what he does for a living, he does tend to freak out if he’s about to lose his job. Then we find out while Lorelai is falling more and more for Chris, he’s got a Sherry. She feels sorry for her because she’s named after a Journey song. So typical of Lorelai to crack a joke, even if the news she receives isn’t exactly what she wanted to hear.

I kind of like the beginning too with “The Sound of Music” reference. xD Mostly because I was thinking the same exact thing when Liesl answered the door. It was also kind of funny when Emily’s DAR friends were examining Rory and when Rory comes back after grabbing the book she came for on Richard’s desk, she lets them know and then as she watches their reactions to her, she goes “yay” in this soft voice. Haha.

But I think the best part that tops them all is when Luke comes back and sees Jess dressed up like him after he told him to change his Metallica shirt.

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Gilmore Girls “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” – Season 2 Episode 5

I remember this episode so clearly, but it still makes me laugh every time I watch it. My favorite part is when Luke pushes Jess into the lake and then goes to Lorelai’s to confess. Also the part at the end when Jess runs into Rory out on the street and they have their literary banter. Oh! One part I did forget about is when Lorelai get so desperate for a Danish and a coffee she asks Rory to get one for her, but then when that doesn’t work, she tries asking a little boy that randomly walks by for help and he runs away. xD

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Gilmore Girls “The Road Trip to Harvard” – Season 2 Episode 4

This is one of those memorable episodes. I remember watching this one not that long ago. Actually it might have been quite a while ago, but I remember lots about it.

Lorelai is dealing with breaking off her wedding in her own way by going on an impromptu road trip with her best friend who also happens to be her daughter. They kind of argue over using a map or not and end up in a B&B called The Chesire Cat where the lady at the front desk insists on them ringing the bell even though she’s sitting right there. Then, even though they are starving, they avoid eating when they see who is downstairs. They don’t want to chitchat with strangers. The next day they end up at Harvard and I’m excited for Rory like I’m her mother or something. It’s a weird feeling, but I get it every time I watch this episode.

I love how Lorelai is 32, but looks young and gets hit on by one of the college dudes. I want to be Lorelai Gilmore when I grow up. Meanwhile, it’s pretty funny when Lorelai is on the phone with Sookie and when she asks her if anything is going on, Sookie holds up the phone so Lorelai can hear the argument going on between Luke and Kirk. Then Sookie breaks the news to Luke about Lorelai and Max and he’s all chipper, going around giving everyone coffee on the house. xD

When the girls get back into town, everything looks the same, except now everyone wants to give Lorelai a hug. Oh! I absolutely loved the part when Rory walks into a lecture hall and ends up participating in the discussion. And, the part when they sneak into a girl’s dorm room and take a picture while looking for Susie. haha.

Seriously there’s lots to love about this episode. Lane is back from Korea! Also, when Lorelai tells her mother about breaking off the wedding, the thing she’s thinking of is she’s got to return her gift.

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Gilmore Girls “Red Light on the Wedding Night” – Season 2 Episode 3

Emily Gilmore made me tear up thinking about the kind of love I want. Luke fighting with Taylor about the traffic light was pretty funny and I like the structure he carves for her at the end. That was a really nice gesture considering he’s the one who likes her and is about to lose her to Max.

Michel also cracked me up this episode, showing another side of him, a side that is actually fun. xD

This episode also makes me wish I could just steal their dialogues throughout the day.

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