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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 2

Sadly, it has already been a while since my last post and while I meant to have a consistent format to keep up with, I’ve forgotten already, haha. I could just reread my last posts, and I did, but still … Continue reading

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Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 1

Before I begin, just want to say thank you to ost1nao for allowing me to watch the whole drama on YouTube with English subs. Although I know Chinese, it was still very useful to have the subs there. XD Ahem. … Continue reading

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Hi, My Sweetheart overview

Hello Asian Drama fans out there!^^ The first drama I want to talk about is the one I just finished watching: Hi, My Sweetheart. Thanks to: As I have already finished the whole drama, I haven’t decided exactly how … Continue reading

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thanks and Hi, My Sweetheart

Before I actually get started on the commentary, first I’d like to thank for providing me with my gravatar pic and for providing me with my lovely banner pic and blog image pic. ^.^ I’m forever indebted to you guys. … Continue reading

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I’m not giving away everything about me all in one post. Nor am I going to tell you why I started this blog (yet, another one, and not just on Word Press). The truth is, I don’t know if I … Continue reading

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