I’m not giving away everything about me all in one post. Nor am I going to tell you why I started this blog (yet, another one, and not just on Word Press). The truth is, I don’t know if I can answer either of those questions. I do know that I love Asian dramas…especially Chinese dramas…especially Taiwanese dramas…so I hope that all Asian drama fans everywhere can feel at home here. I hope you can find something in common with me that you can relate to and share your love of Asian dramas along with me. If not, I still hope you can find what you’re looking for somewhere on this blog. I will be like Hansel and Gretal–leaving behind bread crumbs ’til you find out who I am. When you finally get to the gingerbread house, you won’t know the answers to everything, but you’ll have a better sense of how Asian dramas work and why I can…never get them out of my head. ^.^



About YuMin Ye

crazy writer
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2 Responses to ~*Introduction*~

  1. tvtrends says:

    Hi. Thank you in dropping by my blog. I’ll check your blog regarding Asian series.
    good luck! 🙂

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