thanks and Hi, My Sweetheart

Before I actually get started on the commentary, first I’d like to thank for providing me with my gravatar pic and for providing me with my lovely banner pic and blog image pic. ^.^ I’m forever indebted to you guys. Second I’d just like to say that yes, I know I’m a bit behind in watching the dramas, but I am purposely going to go out of order because it really depends on the mood I’m in and what I want to watch, so bear with me. Last night I finished watching Hi, My Sweetheart, so you can expect posts on that shortly. Yes, there will be spoilers. I am not responsible for spoiling any episodes for you, so keep that in mind as you read my blog posts.


I finished checking the tire pressure on all my tires on my sedan earlier this morning, before the garage started heating up, up the wazoo, so I’m pleased with that. My dad and I might not get along most of the time, but I’m grateful that he teaches me essential “man stuff” every now and then. lol. You just have to keep the pressure between thirty to thirty-five lb/in^2 (that’s pounds per inches squared in case you were wondering). And Dad says I should check every week, but I’ve noticed that you can go for a couple of weeks without checking, as I’ve never seen him actually do it every week. Shhhh! :X So I’m going to say at least once a month, check your tires. 😉 love you all,


-p.s.-I’ve already seen a few dramas, so I will be doing posts on those as well, not just ones that I am currently watching or will be watching. Keep the <3.


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5 Responses to thanks and Hi, My Sweetheart

  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog. I really appreciate it. I wish you luck on your new blog, and hope you get plenty of readers. 🙂

    The car thing sounds interesting. I wish I could learn some things about cars and how to repair them and whatnot.

    Which dramas are you currently watching?

    • awww, thank you for the blessings!^^ and it was a pleasure to visit yours, hehe. i’m glad i helped you with a little bit about cars. well, i just finished hi, my sweetheart, but as i mentioned, i’m gonna be writing about a bunch of dramas i’ve seen already like smiling pasta, tokyo juliet, why why love, and others. feel free to come back and/or subscribe!

      • I saw your comment on my blog, but I guess I’ll just reply here.
        & I’m guessing you’re more of a Taiwanese drama fan then, haha. Have you seen other dramas? Hong Kong or Japanese ones?

        Ahh, I’d totally subscribe if I knew how. I’ve been on this site for almost a year, but I never knew how to subscribe. [/fail]

  2. XD it’s at the bottom in the comments section. so go like you’re gonna leave a comment and there’s a checkbox that says ‘subscribe to this site’

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