Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 1

Before I begin, just want to say thank you to ost1nao for allowing me to watch the whole drama on YouTube with English subs. Although I know Chinese, it was still very useful to have the subs there. XD

Ahem. I have to say, when I first looked this up, I did a search online for Rainie Yang, knowing that I could find the latest drama she was starring in on DramaWiki. I did this because, for obvious reasons, she’s one of my favorite Asian drama actresses and looking her up or someone else up is one of the ways I decide on my next drama to watch. Anyway, when I read the synopsis, I wasn’t sure I would like it. In fact, I thought it was going to be another typical drama and immediately dismissed watching it. Then my curiosity got the better of me and I did a search on YouTube. Within the first nine minutes and twenty-five seconds, I found the melodramatic air a bit too much and questioned whether I should continue watching…but I did, of course, hehe.

I found Da Jie to be overwhelmingly annoying. I found it cute that Rainie’s character already labeled Hseuh Hai “stupid” for dropping his boarding pass and I already had a hunch that they would end up together. I’m the exact opposite as everyone else. The first episode, instead of drawing me in, always makes me back out. The dramas don’t get good or addictive to me until a couple of episodes in. Then, I can’t stop watching. In fact, after this episode, I waited a few days before watching the next one. I also noticed that the protagonist almost always ends up with the first love interest, no matter how many “new” love interests get introduced along the way that make you guess who they end up with. I really liked Rainie’s poetry reading from the get-go. She has a nice voice.

The three beauties, with Mo Lee being the top beauty, almost made me roll my eyes at first. I thought they were going to be a rendition of the “mean girls” from the Mean Girls movie, but I turned out to be very wrong about that. Mo Lee is ‘beautiful’ simply because her eyes are bigger than the typical Asian girl’s eyes. Of course, Rainie is no exception to that as well, but the attention is on Mo Lee. I thought it was a bit exaggerated that so many guys would act like teenage girls to have a look at them, as I have never seen a college campus like that before. Most of the time, a campus holds too many students to continue that high school theme of the “popular” girls and so on and so on. So the university atmosphere made me feel like they were still in high school. At least my university was not like that. I can’t speak for any that happen to be like the drama depicted. I think it’s so funny that Lin Da Lung’s ringtone is really from the Pink Panther. 😀 I guess it was one defining characteristic for him so the director put that in.

Now, what makes Lin Da Lung’s character so lovable is definitely his willingness to defend Bao Chu Jie even though he obviously has no skills and she is the one to save him. Twice. haha. Oh, I love how he calls rape “that.” Nei ge. Hilarious that he thought Bao Che Jie would rape him. XD rofl at that part for sure.

To all Show Luo fans, you won’t recognize him! I also find it hilarious when he wakes up on the first day and expects someone to dress him. That part was realistic. Oh yeah, his roommates have such funny names.

To watch the first episode:



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  1. Hey!
    Good review so far. 🙂
    You’ve been busy? Hope you still keep them coming ~

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