Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 2

Sadly, it has already been a while since my last post and while I meant to have a consistent format to keep up with, I’ve forgotten already, haha. I could just reread my last posts, and I did, but still feels weird now. Just got back not long ago from Eat, Pray, Love with a friend. 🙂 I actually liked it. I wasn’t sure what I would think going in, but it left me with a good feeling at the end.


This is something small, but I do like how every Asian drama I’ve seen so far does connect a scene from the last episode with the new episode so you can jog your memory in case you forgot what happened. In this particular episode, it repeats the “naked scene” again where Da Lung is in a towel and while they are arguing, he tells her he’d worry about her if she were absent from school. She asks him to repeat this last part. It’s the most important part to her, as you find out, revealed throughout the drama.

Da Lung only knows one dance and I find this part where he dances for Bao Chu Jie is cute. ^.^ I loved her reaction. She just cracks up and I believe even spits out her drink at one point from watching the hilarity of it all. They walk out together, with her cracking up so hard and him complaining that she promised him she wouldn’t laugh. She’s drunk and eventually asks him if he would worry about her forever, which he agrees to and for some reason, I thought, when I saw that moment, it was too soon to be saying those things to each other. Once again, Da Lung’s roommates crack me up. XD They try to hide Da Jie and I love how everyone always thinks she’s his grandma.

I love Bao Chu Jie’s intro music. Every time she’s going to appear on the scene or about to meet up with Da Lung, this familiar music comes on that identifies with her and her “bad girl” image and I just love it. You know she’s about to get mad or hit someone and I just enjoy that, haha. This is where Da Lung coming from a rich family shines through. He rides the bus for the first time, he gets lost on the way to HangZhou Library, he orders expensive food for dinner and has to eat it slowly…all of these things makes Bao Chu Jie irate. It’s so funny how angry she gets. Just silly. So simple, but Rainie does a good job of acting angry and yet the polite, citizen girl when she teaches Da Lung all about giving up your seat on the bus for a pregnant woman or a woman with a child. Bam! This attribute of hers reminds me of the Korean movie, My Sassy Girl. The love interest girl in that movie loved acting violent towards her boyfriend, yet at the same time, she knew that young people should give up their seats for elders on the train. hehe.

It’s funny how when they go to lunch, Bao Chu Jie orders three bowls of noodles and two of them are for her. XD But I didn’t like at first how Mo Lee and her crew decided to tell Show Luo’s character all about why everyone shuns her. It wasn’t until later that I didn’t feel so bad about them doing that because I realized there’d been a huge misunderstanding.

This drama is hauntingly simple, yet moves me all the same. Don’t know what it is. When I can put my finger on it, I’ll let you know.

Watch the second episode:


-p.s.-Chen Bao Chu is certainly brave. Asian girl who loves whiskey. 😉


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