Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 3

Ok, let me just say I did not like Mo Lee’s friends in this eppy. They were getting on my nerves with the continuation of the shunning of “bad girl” Chen Bao Chu. It just made me angry. >.< It was just such an immature thing to do to put down rules that they can’t be together and he be friends with Mo Lee and her crew at the same time. Psh! And this is so funny, but must be a pure Asian thing that they always make a big deal out of the chu wen or ‘first kiss.’ XD Bao Chu is absolutely hilarious when she’s in shock that he’s 20 and has never been kissed. That added a cute touch, but for some reason bam! I thought of America in that moment. I dunno, must be since physical boundaries are so easily crossed in America that I always see it as so American when first kisses are not made into this huge ordeal like it is in almost all Asian dramas. *cough* Smiling Pasta *cough* Show Luo does a good job acting the all cute and innocent guy. I don’t know him that well as I’ve never seen him perform or talk in interviews or whatever, but it doesn’t seem that he would be quite as innocent in real as his character on Hi, My Sweetheart.

When Da Lung was playing the piano for Mo Lee and she was dancing, I thought it was kind of disappointing. I mean, come on! The most beautiful girl in school and she doesn’t know more dance moves than your basic twirl and gentle glides looking up? They needed to work on that dance so that it’s believable that she’d be a competitive contestant later on. That just plain bothered me. You know, Da Lung has an underbite. I mean it’s there and I think that’s part of what makes his face so convincing, but at the same time, I really don’t notice it that much. Of course, this eppy Xue Zhang gets introduced, but in the pit of my stomach I knew she wouldn’t end up with him. He would definitely be my definition of a really, really, really good guy friend though. Seriously. I think I’d kick myself if I ever had a guy friend like that and then lost him. You can also tell that at this point Chen Bao Chu would have been with Xue Zhang if not for what happens later. She wouldn’t have admitted it, but I think she was crushing on Xue Zhang at this point. She had not developed any deep feelings for Da Lung yet.

Da Lung is so prim and proper. He fixes his hair every time after Bao Chu Jie smacks him upside his head! Finally, I thought Da Lung’s roommates were horrible for plagiarizing! They could have handled that better, but I understand it was necessary to happen for the progression of the drama, so…yeah…  

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2 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 3

  1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with you on your opinion of Mo Lee’s dance. When I first watched it, I was not pleased. Her moves seemed way to simple. Anyways, I’ll be waiting for your Episode 4 review ! 🙂

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