new YouTube channel!

yay, exactly what it says…before i proceed with the next review, just wanted to let you guys know that i just started a new YouTube channel yesterday. i know, i know, there was a point in my life when i said i would never do that, but i did. so another lesson learned in never say never. i haven’t uploaded anything, as i only just set it up, but i have already favorited a bunch of videos, so you can check those out. i’m not sure what i’ll upload if i upload, but i’m open for suggestions.  so the channel is supposed to be paired up with this blog, so it’s called ~*butterflyxwings’ reverie*~ because butterflyxwings was already taken, hehe. but i find the name suitable, so i hope you like it! there’s a link on there back to this page, so have no fear and happy surfing. 🙂 



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