Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 4

Is is just me or are there always a lot of CPR “almost kisses” scenes in TV shows, dramas, and movies? For once I think this drama covers it correctly through what Bao Chu Jie makes clear to Da Lung: CPR does not a kiss make! To be honest, the first movie I thought of was Sandlot. Has anyone seen that movie?

Moving on…Show Luo really shows his talent here. Considering we all know what he really looks like, he’s really good at playing the dork. Like really good if you know what I mean. 😉 Now, I did get annoyed when they started passing notes. Or, more specifically, writing notes on their notebooks and holding them up so that they can read them with Da Lung turned around in his seat. It was a little bit too much and I found it amusing that the professor didn’t notice. In fact, no one really noticed, to my knowledge. I loved the close-up on Ranie’s bangles though! Something about her style that I like.

Every time I see the three beauties show up in front of Da Lung, something inside me screams, “High School!” They’ve got that mean girls touch, yet they are nice. And I find it annoying that the third girl is always acting like the third girl, just speaking up for the alpha female, Mo Lee in this case, and adding on to what she wants or has to say, like her own personal live footnote or something. *shudders* Those girls make me feel sad for them and at the same time, I pity them because they just seem so pathetic. *gasp!* Yes, I don’t even know why and I’m not trying to be mean, but that’s just how I feel about girls like that. It kind of annoys me that the three girls have the same hairstyle throughout the whole drama. I like how both Show’s character and Rainie’s character do change hairstyles. Even Xue Zhang.

Now I usually don’t like long hair on guys, but for some reason, long hair suits Xue Zhang. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this actor before, but he plays a really great guy on this drama. I love Bao Chu’s secret hand signal thing with Xue Zhang. Really cute.^^ Why is it that Mo Lee’s crew only talks about how pretty she is and what she needs and wants? Ah, I guess just fate that their characters are made that way. Isn’t that how it always goes with popular girls? I love how Da Lung claps, even though he saw nothing as his back was facing her while she was dancing and he was playing the piano. For a minute I actually thought he and Mo Lee would become a couple.

Of course, no drama would be complete without someone getting locked out of their dorm room and needing to stay over at someone’s place, usually someone of the opposite sex….XD Poor guy has to wear PJ’s in public. I liked that part because they made the sleeping over funny now.

I don’t care what anybody else says, but I love Rainie’s dress that Xue Zhang gives to her! It’s so red and it’s so sweet! hehe. 🙂 😀 I just love it. She looks like a yummy cupcake and I just wanna gobble her up when I see her on stage! haha. I actually enjoyed watching the contestants present their slogans and all aspects of the competition, although the director went to too much trouble making everyone else look bad in front of Rainie and Rainie extra good so it left no doubt who the winner was. I wanted to seem some real competing! >.< But yeah, the slogans were creative and I was impressed. I love how everyone is so surprised to see Bao Chu Jie’s sweet side. Reminded me of the part in A Walk to Remember when everyone was gushing about Jamie “looking hot” the night of the play. Oh, and Da Lung’s roommates cracked me up again, arguing over which one of Mo Lee’s friends was the hotter one. XD LOL! Then they turn to Da Lung and ask him! I hate the part when Xue Zhang was about to give her the surprise…:( I know it’s wrong to feel like that when when she was already going out with Ugly Mushroom Head, but a part of me really wanted to know what he would have done had he not have been interrupted. She does, however, seem to really like surprises as she does not forget about it so easily…

Omg! When they were eating at the restaurant together, you can hear Pachelbel’s Canon in the background and all of a sudden, boom! I see My Sassy Girl all over again! This part is almost exactly like it, except that Rainie doesn’t go looking for her Xue Zhang right after Ugly Mushroom Head tells her what he said. Although here it seems kind of flipped, like Da Lung should be the guy telling the other guy all the things he knows about her and then walks away.

Okies, and finally, when the ex shows up at the end and throws water in her face, that just seemed so realistically angry to me and that actor only appeared that one time. If this were a movie, I’d pick him for best supporting actor! XD but that’s just me…HAHA.

Enjoy the eppy:


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2 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 4

  1. Good review, once again. I checked out your Youtube channel. You favourite a lot of cool stuff, LOL. Anyways, I agree with your comments about Mo Lee and the “beautiful” girls. Anywho, keep up with the good reviews. I might not comment as often since I’m starting to get piled with tons of homework. 😦

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