Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 6

Merry Christmas! ^.^

It’s so nice to be home for the holidays after almost getting hit by a giant white truck on the way driving home. (It almost crashed me when I was trying to get on the highway.) Yesterday was really nice putting up the tree with Mom. We haven’t been able to do any decorations for a long time due to our cat always knocking over the whole tree right after putting it up. She loved the ornaments! And then after she left, we were always on vacation, so it was definitely nice to put up the tree. =) Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


Now even though we had a seen a preview in the previous chapter, I still wasn’t expecting Lin Da Lung to show up on screen the way he did–all flashy with this new suit and convertible. I should have realized from the start why he picked the color, but it didn’t hit me until later on that he picked the color because of his obsession with the Pink Panther. I love how you see him talking to the Chairman and then you look and it turns out the Chairman is his sister! XD It’s also absolutely hilarious to watch him pick her up and put her in the tub. XD

Er Jie’s old boyfriend shows up here. That was a bit random, though we find out this part comes in handly later on in the drama. Also thought the patheticness of that guy begging was a bit dragged out, though no offense to all you men out there who do go through this kind of grieving process over an ended relationship. 😉

Wanted to hug Bao Chu Jie when she comes on the radio for Er Jie to listen to her old boyfriend’s confession when she’s sitting in the car with her brother. She was absolutely right about how there are some things in our life that if we miss once, we may miss forever, especially love. It’s something Mom tells me too and gave me tingles when I saw this part. Bao Chu Jie changed her hair, back to her regular Rainie look. I thought was a nice touch because shows that she’s matured since college. Her other hairstyle was more of a younger, college girl look. So I liked this bit.

OMG the ice cream shop! Love it! With the cow hats and the young ones who are like high school age working there and acting as XueZhang’s support system, so cute! ^.^ When Bao Chu Jie is standing right next to his car in front of the shop, she looks like a blind girl stopping for a moment. Anyone else feel like that? Ever since she left college and spends all that time searching for him, there’s something in her eyes that make her look almost blind.

The look on Show Luo’s face when he finds out who the radio DJ is is priceless. I love how gullible he still is, believing that she really did run off and get married. OK, he has a lot of cars. It’s like a different one in every scene. Either that or he alternates between two cars. O.O When Bao Chu Jie enters the office, I see the old couple they used to be reappear. It’s cute what the director did to make him all nervous again to see her and have those talks with himself. Then her old black cloud/demon comes back and you’re like “oh! There she is!” haha. Once again, I wished he’d say who he really was, but that’s not possible in a drama. Ever. You know they are going to drag it out. At this point in the drama, I’ve gotten used to Da Jie’s freak outs and antics and almost find them endearing that she loves her Lin Da Lung that much. It’s like a change from the beginning. She’s so funny going in interviewing all the ladies at the station. XD Cracked me up.

Here ya go:



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2 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 6

  1. Quick update this time! Keep it up! 🙂
    I remember being so excited around these episodes since Show Luo starts looking really cute.

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