Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 8

I always thought it was brave of them when they “fall asleep” on the floor outside of someone’s home. I always wonder if anyone has ever done that before for real. The thought process is usually, omg something bad could happen to them, don’t they know that?!

Men in their fast cars sometimes makes me believe that they are boys who graduated from little toys to big toys. I started to feel really bad for Show Luo’s boss character here because he portrayed it in such a way that it seemed his character really innocently believed that all girls love brand names and a boyfriend who has lots of money. On the other hand, the more I watch Rainie Yang’s character, the more I wanna steal her closet and hair stylist. XD

Whenever I see that ice cream place, I always wish there was a place in town nearby like that. Then I look at those kids wearing the complementary cow uniforms and I think to myself, why can’t life be like that? Work at a simple job and not have greater expectations for myself and no parents screaming down my back that that kind of job isn’t good enough and I have to get a higher education and make more money, blah, blah, blah? -_- Sigh.

Ha! The I-already-have-a-boyfriend trick! It made me sad. Wish she hadn’t done that to Xuezhang. Bao Chu Jie proves that if you can’t let go of a past love that much, it’s hard for you to accept a new one, no matter how good this new one is. :/

Oh great, as soon as I saw his sister give him the “hot and cold” advice, I thought of Katy Perry’s song. She’s turning him into a guy who likes to play games! That sucks.

I’ve never been inside a house with lots of maids, but seeing the inside of Ah Hai’s house reminded me of how cute I always thought those maids’ uniforms were. 🙂 This part is really funny when Da Jie gives Bao Chu Jie all these critical remarks about how she eats and when Bao Chu Jie reacts, it’s EXACTLY how I would feel, even if I wouldn’t say anything out loud. That said, I hate it when parents or older siblings try to make decisions about love lives for their kids/younger siblings.

Ah Hai was a jerk for well, jerking that girl around into thinking he really was interested in her. But then again, she’s not really bright for falling for a rich guy’s tricks. *shrugs* Oh, the ridiculous lengths Ah Hai goes through to win his old love back…it’s pretty hilarious what happens though, even if a little predictable, haha. He even tipped the her to make sure Xuezhang got that drink, but it didn’t look like she really tried or anything. That part didn’t look realistic.

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2 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 8

  1. I feel totally bad for not reading this earlier but exams were killing me when you posted this. Keep it up, you’re almost done with the series and the awesome reviews that you do! 🙂

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