Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 9

I think it’s time to watch a new drama soon. Just got back from Harry Potter and it was definitely more than awesome! :DDD It leaves you with the feeling that you gotta see it again. It’s nice.


While I feel bad for that Christina girl that he asked to come along with him to make Bao Chu Jie jealous, she’s really girly and clingy.

I think he goes a little overboard crazy in this one. Binoculars and wanting to control every single move? Well, they don’t call it a drama for nothing. xD

If I ever get asked to go on a weekend trip with some guy, I’d ask a whole bunch of uncomfortable questions first to figure out his motive before I agree. Just sayin’. And Rainie Yang is so calm and collected and prettier, it’s obvious who’s really jealous of who. *rolls eyes* I actually get annoyed with Lin Da Lung in this one, reminds me that some guys really go through all that length to be a beef jerky. The farting part is hilarious thought, hahahahahahaha. Oh man.

Why is this part by the water like My Sassy Girl? He can’t swim either! And the flashback to her hot pink hair reminds me of Aria from Pretty Little Liars. =) That tends to be popular with the black look, doesn’t it? Of course, they have to add some water competition. If they are going some place like that to vacation, then yup.

Alcohol must be some truth serum. Man, the two of them are back in time and they don’t even realize it. You know, during the flashback, while before I thought her mom was really mean, I’m starting to see where she’s coming from. I’ll just leave it at that.

The bathtub scene! She gets to act like a police officer, it’s funny! Xuezhang came so close to touching him and I felt like he would have noticed there’s a person in there. It would have been interesting to see this played out, haha. Is it just me or does Rainie look really pretty in the shower scene with her hair up like that? Like even better than with her hair down? Ah, I’m so jealous, lol!

Ok the stalker that calls the station is really creepy. Things being said by old classmates are helping them piece it all together…why do all men have to be in control? Gahhh! “Get in the car.” And you have to go with it because he’s “the man”? That taxi driver creeps me out to no end.

Check it out for yourself:



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5 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 9

  1. You’re a Harry Potter fan?! Do you have a Pottermore account?

    + I’ve been so busy with exams I completely forgot about WordPress for a while. Keep updating! haha 🙂

    • I sure am! And yeah, I’m going to get one, is that out already? I visited the site (not today) and I thought we had to wait until like October before we can do anything on there?

  2. winnieheart says:

    Thanks for your comment! : ) Ooh, I loveloveloved Harry Potter. The movies are awesome, but the books are even better! I remember I refused to read the last few chapters of the final book because I couldn’t bear to let go of Harry yet </3 Haha. It was like I grew up with him, you know? Hard to let go of that!

    • lol, i can relate. i def. grew up with him. i remember waking up early on my 15th bday just to read book 5. it had just come out and my parents got it for me for my bday. i even got my mom hooked on the books!

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