Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 10

OK, so the taxi driver was quite creepy in this one! He also seemed like a random placement in the drama, but I can see how he’s important to develop Show Luo’s character. It seems like that’s all he was put in there for. hmm…

It is a good thing to keep your cellie with you at all times!

This is also one good example where it’s a good thing you have a stalker guy who’s obsessed with winning you over, haha.

Doesn’t it always seem to go that everything you used to fight about with someone just doesn’t matter anymore when you watch them go through an accident?

Oh God, and just rewatched the part where he becomes desperate and starts to cry for her. 😦 I’m trying to reevaluate a memory…it’s hard…

And…3..2..1..of course Xue Zhang’s gonna witness the kiss! Yeah…it sucks being the guy who’s waiting for his love to forget a former love. :/ < 3 Yes, unfortunately, some guys who say, “without her I don’t wanna live,” actually exist. So dramatic. *shakes head*

I feel like the cars Show drives are one character. Know what I mean? They seem to take over the beginning parts of scenes and such. I agree with Bao Chu in this part–just because you have all that money, does everyone have to listen to you? They are so cute when they are fighting! XD I actually didn’t think Mo Lee was going to return…guess I was wrong!

A part of me actually aches when I realized I’m never gonna be that ladylike. 😥 Ugh, I hate it when people look at instruments and go, “omg, you have to play something! :D” psh. you’re not the boss of me. who says I have to play something??? Oh, and for once I thought something good was about to happen to Da Jie. Boy, was I fooled by him! >.< Gosh, she’s so cute coming back from  her perm, lol. Haha, the cow uniforms crack me up! xD This show makes me obsessed with dairy. Yum, yum.

Does anyone else wonder how much younger Er Jie is? Did they go over that in an earlier eppy and I missed it?

This eppy seemed particularly long:



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2 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 10

  1. Sorry for the late comeback!
    I read this when it first came out but never got back to commenting!
    Keep it up, I’m looking forward to your reviews 🙂
    You’re almost finished with this drama’s episode reviews!

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