Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 14

Seriously it’s kinda creepy to think that some ppl show up at another person’s home and tries to break in and change the e-mail so that person doesn’t read it. If this really happened, it wouldn’t go down so well.

Ohhh, yeah! xD He pretended not to recognize her on purpose! That part was definitely confusing. Props to Show Luo for being such a great actor, haha.

I’m really glad that she cannot forgive Run Fa. At least some of us have not lost our silly girly heads. 😛 Is it true? Guys really do find it attractive in a girl when she can eat so much? Other than that, I think it’s sweet that Chen Bao Chu orders exactly what Lin Da Lung ordered at one point.

The wedding is so American! I always wondered if people in China get married the traditional way anymore.

So this actually reminds me a little bit of ‘The Vow.’ Glad I finally got to the end! Any suggestions for what I should watch next? 🙂



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3 Responses to Hi, My Sweetheart Episode 14

  1. Late reply, but yay! You’re done! 🙂
    How about Hong Kong dramas? 🙂

    • any one in particular?

      • Sorry for late reply; I didn’t notice you replied!
        Uhm, it really depends on what kind of dramas you like, but some really awesome ones are:
        Moonlight Resonance, Mysteries of Love, Forensic Heroes 1&2, Forensic Heroes 3,
        Only You, Daddy Good Deeds, Grace Under Fire, Lives of Omission, The Hippocratic
        Crush, You’re Hired, Wax and Wane, Life Made Simple, D.I.E., D.I.E. Again, Bottled Passions…

        Clearly, I’m obsessed LOL! :$

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