Lisa See’s “Shanghai Girls”

I must confess, if you couldn’t tell already, that I haven’t been watching any Asian dramas lately. I have read an Asian novel though. It’s called Shanghai Girls. I’m going to be running to the library shortly, so I’ll just go over this quickly (I know, I really need to work on my timing). The book made me feel sick to my stomach about rape, disgusted about older men who need diapers and are delusional due to a soft-bone-sick-disease-thingy, dislikeful of Asian fathers who gamble their money away and have to marry their daughters off to save their own @$$, hateful of China’s love for baby boys over baby girls, dislikeful of Lisa See’s use of Chinese words spelled out phonetically throughout places in the story that serve to enhance the story yet only ended up distracting me to agitation, this book fits into the Asian drama theme I have going for sure as it kept me reading from one drama to the next. Seems like drama is all there is.


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