Lisa See’s “Dreams of Joy”

I finally finished the sequel to “Shanghai Girls.” Wow. It’s hard to know where to begin. I didn’t expect the father to randomly reappear at the end. Dun staying behind while the rest of the family tries to run away reminded me so much of the end of “The Sound of Music.” I’m glad he didn’t get killed or anything brutal like that. I was sickened again though. Like the rape scene in “Shanghai Girls,” I felt sick thinking about families becoming so frail they must eat their own children to stay alive. It’s amazing Pearl’s daughter Joy was able to stay alive. She’s a smart girl, even while starving to death to come up with such a brilliant chicken feather plan to tell her mother she was dying. And Tao turned out not to be the guy for her. It makes me think that you really gotta know someone before agreeing to marry them. The only trick is, how do you know? This person could totally be pretending to be one way with you, and then as soon as you turn your back, be a different person. You feel me?


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