Gilmore Girls “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton” – Season 1 Episode 2

They wake up late and as a result, Rory’s mom dresses like she’s part of the rodeo to send her daughter to her first day at her new private school. Everyone notices how inappropriate it is except of course, one of the hot Chilton dads who can’t help but drive all the way to Stars Hollow to Independence Inn to ask her out. She’s flattered, but turns him down on the account of him being a Chilton dad.

Meanwhile, Tristan calls Rory Mary and Paris has already got it out for her, letting her know, “this school is my domain.”

It’s kind of strange for me to see mean kids in a private high school, but that’s probably because I went to a public high school. Then again, I used to be best friends with someone who went to an all-girls private high school, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

When Lorelai walks into the headmaster’s office and sees her mother already there, the interaction that ensues defines this show as one about mother-daughter relationships, despite of all the boyfriend drama we will see later.

I also like the headmaster part before they go in. “Are you ready?” Lorelai asks Rory. Rory at first says, “no,” but her mom asks again, “Are you ready?” Then she says, “yes” and they both walk in. And I love how Rory maintained her sense of humor after the headmaster made it clear that just because he’s good friends with her grandparents doesn’t mean her studies at Chilton will be any easier than anyone else’s. To which Rory responds, “you really enjoyed the lobster puffs, huh?” xD


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