Gilmore Girls “Kill Me Now” – Season 1 Episode 3

This episode wasn’t as dramatic as the title made it sound. Rory has to pick a sport at Chilton and her grandmother immediately jumped on her grandfather to take her golfing at his country club. An argument ensues between her grandmother and mother, of course. There’s no way Rory would enjoy hanging out with her grandfather at a country club. She’s just looking out for Rory. But the truth comes out when Emily realizes Lorelai wants to spend more time with her daughter and is also afraid that maybe Rory will have a better relationship with her parents than she ever did. This makes her nervous.

Rory doesn’t want to go at first, but after she gives it a try, she finds herself easily amused by the different people they run into there that he knows. I love this line: “The most odious woman alive.” I love how everyone knows except, of course, the woman. Haha.

Then Lorelai picks a random fight with her daughter in which her idea of a winning argument is: “Your boobs are totally bigger than mine!” xD


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