Gilmore Girls “The Deer Hunters” – Season 1 Episode 4

This is one of my favorite episodes from the first season because Rory gets to call Paris “Quippy” and tell off Tristan by yelling at him, “for the last time the name is RORY!” To her superiors that little meltdown in class was totally out of line, but inside I’m going, “you go girl!”

Also, Rory gets her first D ever. It made me sad to see her getting her English paper back and expecting an A with a smile on her face until her smile was turned upside down when she saw what she actually got. I know that feeling well. It’s cute when her mom does that ice cream bit, but at the same time I almost can’t believe it because my parents would have wanted me to study harder, not take an ice cream break, even if they didn’t know about the D. But I love Lorelai. At the same time I wish I had a cool mom like her, though I suppose age does have something to do with it.

And…Rory gets hit by a deer! It makes me laugh when I see everyone not believe her. Then they get home from Chilton and decide to look for the deer. Of course they don’t find it, but Rory and her mom have a serious conversation about her future at Chilton, allowing Rory to show her stubborn determined side–she’s not giving up!


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