Gilmore Girls “Cinnamon’s Wake” – Season 1 Episode 5

Funerals bring people together. Literally. Rory and Dean would never have gotten together if the neighbor’s cat hadn’t died. I know they are not officially together yet, but they are thrown together a lot on accident this episode and Cinnamon was partially to blame. Rory likes Dean, but apparently he’s her first big crush because while she wants to be around him, she can barely wave hello, avoids eye contact, and can’t carry on a conversation despite his efforts to talk to her with whatever excuse he can come up with. It’s really cute. ^.^ I can relate to what she’s going through and confirm it doesn’t just happen to teenagers.

It’s funny how Luke and Sookie fight over whose food is better. Hehehe…

It’s also creative how Lorelai and Mr. Medina figure out a way to see each other.


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