Gilmore Girls “Rory’s Birthday Parties” – Season 1 Episode 6

I don’t think I’ve ever had two birthday parties celebrating one age. But then again, I’ve never been a Gilmore girl either. 😉

Since Rory’s 16th birthday falls on a Friday, Emily Gilmore insists on having her Friday dinner as usual, only this time she’s throwing a birthday party for Rory. Fine, but the problem is, she invites her Chilton classmates without asking her granddaughter first. Uh-oh…

There’s a sweet moment when Rory and Lane are at Luke’s Diner and the first thing Luke says to them is “wrong table” because they didn’t sit at the table with the cake and balloons. Then Dean comes in and since Lane’s back is facing him, she doesn’t see Dean wish Rory a happy birthday. Rory’s mood lifts immediately and this Lane does notice. I like secret shared moments between couples like these.

At Rory’s birthday party at home, Luke saves the day by getting more ice and when Lorelai hugs him, I think it’s funny her mother describes the way he looks at her like she’s going to give him a lap dance. What is that supposed to look like? xD

And of course, the Harvard moment. Paris and Rory both end up at the Harvard table, but they get along as soon as Paris finds out Rory is not interested in Tristan.


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