Gilmore Girls “Kiss and Tell” – Season 1 Episode 7

Rory gets her first kiss. She is taken by surprise and responds with, “thank you.” It’s really cute. And it’s with Dean–the boy who almost made her not go to Chilton and caused a fight between her and her mom about it. I was kind of surprised when Rory doesn’t tell her mom at first, but then she explains to Lane that she can’t because of said reason. So Lorelai accidentally finds out from Mrs. Kim, Lane’s mom. Lorelai goes to Luke’s, rants to him about it to herself and he compliments her on her ability to have a whole conversation to herself. That part made me giggle.

After Lorelai finally confronts her daughter about it, they do their usual movie night and I love that they run to Doose’s Market, the grocery store where Dean works, to grab all the junk food they can and order a pizza. I really want to do that some time. Lorelai invites Dean over without checking with Rory first and she is furious with her mother, calling her Emily which Lorelai doesn’t quite recover from.

Then she goes home to pick out the perfect outfit and when she tells her mother she will never be able to flirt the way she can, Lorelai assures her with time of course she will be able to. When Dean does finally join them, there’s a serious moment where Lorelai switches gears and acts like the dad. She tells Dean the whole town is watching him and she doesn’t want him to become a distraction from her studies. It’s kind of funny to see her serious side.


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