Gilmore Girls “Forgiveness and Stuff” – Season 1 Episode 10

Rory and her mother are holding grudges, but at least they are not shouting at each other. I think it’s funny this episode opens with Rory looking for baby Jesus’ arm. She doesn’t find it, but there’s a dog at the end when they are leaving that holds the arm in his mouth. Probably nothing is going to happen with that dog, but I know I will remember it.

Lorelai gets uninvited to her mother’s Christmas party. Rory goes alone and tries to make things right between her grandmother and her mother, but her grandmother won’t let her. Lorelai really loves her mother’s apple tarts and everyone else asks where she is. Lorelai orders a pizza, but something happens to the van so the pizza guy is unable to deliver in a timely manner. I love how she just opens the fridge, opens a bag of salad and tosses some dressing in the bag and eats with a fork right out of the bag.

Forgiveness doesn’t really come until Rory’s grandfather gets up from the table to turn down the thermostat. He collapses and ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lorelai couldn’t wait for the pizza so ends up at Luke’s. He didn’t have any festive food like she wanted, but when her usual burger is served, he serves it in the shape of a santa. I love it!

When she shows up with Luke at the hospital, Emily is shocked and then questions if they were on a date. Luke is so cute getting sick over sick people. xD When Lorelai agrees she makes a good mom, but isn’t sure she got the daughter thing down, I know how she feels.


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