Gilmore Girls “Paris is Burning” – Season 1 Episode 11

“Look at what happened to Skippy.”

Paris’ parents are going through a divorce and that’s all they’re talking about at Chilton so Rory gets a break and Paris’ best friends are suddenly saying “hi” to her. But she makes the mistake of getting a little bit attached to Max Medina, freaking her mom out and making Lorelai want to break up with him to avoid hurting Rory. Instead, she shows up to his class on Parents Day and ends up making out with him. Paris sees them and spreads the rumor immediately so that everyone can stop talking about her parents and focus on Rory’s mom dating their English teacher. At first Rory is furious with Paris and her mom. Then she confronts Paris and later comes home from school to find Lorelai in tears on her bed. She doesn’t say a word and lays next to her mother to comfort her. I was tearing up myself because I know how it feels to be confused and crushed by a boy you really like. How difficult it is to finally meet someone you like and then not be able to be with them.

For once when Emily Gilmore confronts her daughter about what happened I didn’t think she was going overboard. I thought she was just Mom enough.


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