Gilmore Girls “Concert Interruptus” – Season 1 Episode 13

Episodes like this one make me wish wish wish I could talk like the characters on the show.

The Gilmore girls get tickets to see The Bangles in New York and were originally going to go with Sookie and Lane, but then Rory has a school project and she’s in the same group as Paris and Paris’ ladies-in-waiting. They can only meet at Rory’s place and that’s when Lorelai gets the idea to give the tickets to the girls so Rory can bond with new frenemies. Bad idea. They show up together at the concert, but Pari’s ladies-in-waiting ditch and Lorelai has to go find them. The whole time I’m thinking, “wow, I wonder if I would do something like that when I’m a mother of a teenaged daughter? :O Lorelai is so cool.


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