Gilmore Girls “The Breakup, Part 2” – Season 1 Episode 17

I love two parts in this one: the ending when she admits to Lorelai she’s ready to wallow and the kiss with Tristan. Luke and Dean fighting in the street comes a close second. Like Lorelai, I also believe Saturday mornings are reserved for sleeping in. But it was definitely really cute watching them try to get to Luke’s without running into Dean by ending up going through a back alley full of garbage. I was also a bit frustrated though with Rory for making it so hard. Her mother’s really patient and a good listener. I wish I had a mother like that. Very loving and caring. Not that my mother isn’t loving or caring. It’s just that Lorelai knows how to be a good mom and a good friend at the same time. Hard to explain.

Sookie went a little obsessive with her kitchen while Jackson was trying to cook dinner for her without her help.

Rory was really cute at the Chilton party. She told Tristan the party was a great way for her to catch up on her reading. He calls her odd and she thanks him. It was the perfect conversation and it made me want to be just like her in that moment.


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