Gilmore Girls “The Third Lorelai” – Season 1 Episode 18

I’m watching how dedicated Paris is to school and a part of me wishes I could have been in a school project with her. I’m not sure how I’d feel about coming in Saturday and Sunday, but I admire the rest of her group showing up. Rory is really sweet by springing for coffee and donuts for everyone.

All the characters seem ridiculous in this episode except for Lorelai and Rory. I like how Paris panics and shows up at Rory’s door to ask for first date advice. Then Tristan had to blow it by telling Paris it was Rory’s idea to ask her out right after he friendzones her. So Paris has a fit in front of Rory and when Rory confronts Tristan, she is completely clueless of Tristan’s feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Richard’s mother shows up in town and like any true monster-in-law, finds every opportunity to criticize Emily. When she offers to give Rory a trust fund, Lorelai and Emily ruin it by fighting at tea in front of the third Lorelai who sees how immature they are. Somehow, I don’t remember this episode, but I remember the Rory/Tristan parts. Go figure.


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2 Responses to Gilmore Girls “The Third Lorelai” – Season 1 Episode 18

  1. lnr03 says:

    At first I thought I was going to hate Emily’s character but I have come to love her too. Great show. Paris is a mess and I totally forgot about the whole wreck of a Tea Party. 🙂

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