Gilmore Girls “Emily in Wonderland” – Season 1 Episode 19

The title of this episode was appropriate for most of the episode except for the parts with Rachel in it. Even though there were funny parts, as usual, overall I felt sad. I felt sad for Emily and Lorelai. I felt sad for Lane. I felt sad for Luke.

Rory was the innocent one, trying to build a relationship with her grandmother, but unfortunately, she showed Emily the tool shed she and her mother used to live in. The next time Rory and Lorelai went over to Friday night dinner, Emily gets into a fight with Lorelai about her wanting so badly to be away from them she’d choose living in a tool shed over living with them. Lorelai responds with she was really young at the time and needed to be away. For once, what Emily said made sense to me more than what Lorelai said. And so I felt sad for Emily, but Lorelai too.

Lane calls Rory over with an emergency and the “emergency” turns out to be Henry said he would call, but hasn’t called in a week. When he does, Lane overanalyzes the call and feels disappointed. Then she jumps ahead into the future, concluding she would end up not liking him because her parents would approve of him. It seemed like she finally found someone she liked, but couldn’t end up with him, so I felt sad for Lane.

Rachel claims this time it’s different. This time she’s staying. This time she’s looking for something serious with Luke. But she doesn’t think she can get Luke to see that and so asks Lorelai to talk to him for her. When Lorelai does, Luke has a change of heart. Next thing you know, Luke and Rachel are out at the movies together. But I sense doom in this relationship. Rachel is going to break Luke’s heart anyway despite her claims that she’s changed. And so I felt sad for Luke as well.



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