Gilmore Girls “P.S. I Lo…” – Season 1 Episode 20

This was another emotional episode for me, but I felt happier after each scene. My favorite part was when Lorelai runs into Luke outside of a girly store for older women and tries to find out what he bought. I thought it was very nice and generous of her to offer to go shopping for his girlfriend for him. Then the really hilarious part came when she came back with bags full of clothes for him as well due to they were 6,000% off. Haha. 🙂

But like Lorelai, it broke my heart to see Rory’s heart so broken. Yet, at the same time, I understood Rory’s frustration with everyone “protecting” her from Dean, happy relationship news, etc. I didn’t agree with Rory running away to Grandma’s, but I was glad she did because then she couldn’t have a heartfelt talk with her mom about how to say “I love you” to someone. I felt like I needed to hear this talk because I’ve never had this kind of talk with my own mother. And plus she used a funny Taylor Hanson hypothetical situation to get her point across and all Rory can think about is why Hanson and how did they meet. lol

Then the episode ended with Lorelai making calls to everyone in her address book to tell them that she and Max Medina were talking again. That was cute.


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