Gilmore Girls “Love, Daisies and Troubadours” – Season 1 Episode 21

Ah, the season finale. I remember the “I love you, you idiot!” part, but I did not remember the Max/Rachel/Luke parts. Can I also just say how hilarious Michel is? xD He cracks me up no matter what, but this particular scene with him and Kirk arguing about the 1,000 daisies was really funny.

I didn’t like Tristan in this one. I started to feel bad for him after the whole Summer thing, but he was obnoxious trying to ask Rory out. Plus, did he have to tell Paris’ friends he was going to the P.J. Harvey concert with Rory when she never agreed?

It was cute and frustrating to watch Rory trying to get in touch with Dean. But I’m glad she tried every subtle thing she could think of otherwise he may never have showed up at her school.

The other part I really liked is after Rachel has the talk with Luke about his feelings for Lorelai. He denies them, but when he shows up at her house to take back his toolbox, affectionately named Bert, he meets Max and gets in a full-on defensive mode with him. I loved that part!

P.S. – The troubadours weren’t really a big part of this. It was kind of random, but I guess a kind of way to end the first season.


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