Gilmore Girls “Sadie, Sadie” – Season 2 Episode 1

“Sadie, Sadie married lady.” That’s what Sookie calls Lorelai after her best friend tells her she’s basically engaged. It’s from some song I think, but I’ve never heard of it. But I like how no matter what goes on in their lives, there’s always a reference. That’s the beauty of the show.

I love how the whole town watches Lorelai break the news to Luke. Then in his calm way he sends her in a panic mode, not having hashed out all the details about where they are going to live, how they are going to bank, etc. It’s Luke’s subtle way of winning. Just think.

Meanwhile, Lane is going to be shipped off to Korea for life and she talks to Rory about it in her cool closet with colors and music playing. The suitcase is the size of a person and her parents bought a one-way ticket.

At Friday night dinner, they find out Rory has reached the top three percent of her class so her grandmother would like to throw a celebration dinner party the following week and she’s allowed to invite one guest. She asks Dean even though he’s hesitant and when he shows up, drama ensues. The beer bit was funny, but when Rory’s grandfather sees him, he turns into a father who’s questioning his daughter’s boyfriend about his plans for the the future and all that jazz, basically pointing out he’s not good enough for her. This makes both Rory and Richard furious at each other, but at the end, Emily asks Richard to apologize to Rory because she gets a call from Sookie about Lorelai’s wedding shower and realizes their daughter is getting married and never told them. That made me a little sad and surprised for once she didn’t throw a fit or something.


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