Gilmore Girls “Hammers and Veils” – Season 2 Episode 2

As always, I love that this show is a good distraction from my life. Only Lorelai would know how to dress up a hammer and make it look “pretty.” I think even though Paris hates Rory, her friends secretly like Rory and want her to succeed. I love that Dean is willing to watch Rory browse a bookstore for 6-7 hours. Then when they get into a fight, he comes back to apologize to her at her mother’s engagement party. How did she end up with such a perfect first boyfriend?!

I love the part when Rory goes up to Kirk and asks him why he’s not tap dancing. Then gives her opinion on the structure of the gazebo because she helped build a house the day before. I also loved the part when Lorelai invites Luke to come out to her party and they talk about the ketchup. Seriously, I’d love to live in a town like theirs, but then again I might never get used to it and then wish for my old life back.

Okay, I didn’t like the fight between Lorelai and her mother, but it made me laugh to see the way Max had to introduce himself to Emily. And another thing I love about this town: how they love making up after fights. Some people don’t make up.


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