Gilmore Girls “The Road Trip to Harvard” – Season 2 Episode 4

This is one of those memorable episodes. I remember watching this one not that long ago. Actually it might have been quite a while ago, but I remember lots about it.

Lorelai is dealing with breaking off her wedding in her own way by going on an impromptu road trip with her best friend who also happens to be her daughter. They kind of argue over using a map or not and end up in a B&B called The Chesire Cat where the lady at the front desk insists on them ringing the bell even though she’s sitting right there. Then, even though they are starving, they avoid eating when they see who is downstairs. They don’t want to chitchat with strangers. The next day they end up at Harvard and I’m excited for Rory like I’m her mother or something. It’s a weird feeling, but I get it every time I watch this episode.

I love how Lorelai is 32, but looks young and gets hit on by one of the college dudes. I want to be Lorelai Gilmore when I grow up. Meanwhile, it’s pretty funny when Lorelai is on the phone with Sookie and when she asks her if anything is going on, Sookie holds up the phone so Lorelai can hear the argument going on between Luke and Kirk. Then Sookie breaks the news to Luke about Lorelai and Max and he’s all chipper, going around giving everyone coffee on the house. xD

When the girls get back into town, everything looks the same, except now everyone wants to give Lorelai a hug. Oh! I absolutely loved the part when Rory walks into a lecture hall and ends up participating in the discussion. And, the part when they sneak into a girl’s dorm room and take a picture while looking for Susie. haha.

Seriously there’s lots to love about this episode. Lane is back from Korea! Also, when Lorelai tells her mother about breaking off the wedding, the thing she’s thinking of is she’s got to return her gift.


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