Gilmore Girls “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore” – Season 2 Episode 6

I’m  watching this episode exactly 15 years later…weird…o.O

Anyway, not much drama happened in this episode until the end when we find out Richard and Emily have been fighting because Richard feels he is about to lose his job soon. I guess when a man places his whole identity on what he does for a living, he does tend to freak out if he’s about to lose his job. Then we find out while Lorelai is falling more and more for Chris, he’s got a Sherry. She feels sorry for her because she’s named after a Journey song. So typical of Lorelai to crack a joke, even if the news she receives isn’t exactly what she wanted to hear.

I kind of like the beginning too with “The Sound of Music” reference. xD Mostly because I was thinking the same exact thing when Liesl answered the door. It was also kind of funny when Emily’s DAR friends were examining Rory and when Rory comes back after grabbing the book she came for on Richard’s desk, she lets them know and then as she watches their reactions to her, she goes “yay” in this soft voice. Haha.

But I think the best part that tops them all is when Luke comes back and sees Jess dressed up like him after he told him to change his Metallica shirt.


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