Gilmore Girls “Like Mother, Like Daughter” – Season 2 Episode 7

This episode cracked me up several times starting with Kirk chiming in on Lorelai and Rory’s conversation about how he carried a duffel bag and ate alone all the time and turned out fine, and in the middle of it I realized I have seen this one before. I think it’s interesting that Rory’s school would be so concerned about her they observed her social skills, but then again, I have never gone to a school like Chilton before.

It was fun watching Lorelai and Luke’s bit over who he’s allowed to date. You can tell she gets jealous when another woman enters the picture or even tries to enter the picture. It’s endearing how much she trusts Luke with the toolbox.

I also liked the part when Paris sees Rory sitting with the Puffs and takes a step back to make sure she can believe what she’s seeing. Then her story about how much she’s sucked up to the Puffs made me laugh. It was definitely ironic at the end when they get caught by the headmaster trying to join the Puffs and Rory had to give him a speech about it.

I like that Rory went back to her normal routine after that whole incident. And one of the other girls who was trying to be more “social” as well ends up sitting at Rory’s lunch table doing the exact same thing she does, making her smile.


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