Gilmore Girls “Run Away, Little Boy” – Season 2 Episode 9

AKA the last episode Tristan shows up. I think the title is kind of ironic because he’s not really running away. Those words could never be used to describe Tristan.

Everything Sookie tells Lorelai about Luke is so true. I like how she explains it to her and then Lorelai goes to Luke at the end, making him happy to confirm that yes, he will always be in her life and vice versa. They have never dated, but there are things heating up between them for sure that goes beyond dating, if that makes sense.

I enjoyed the blueberry pancakes fight between Michel and Sookie at the beginning just as much as I enjoyed the girls calling the ice cream maker and orphan. You can always count on Michel to provide some comic relief. xD

Brad being terribly afraid to do the scene with them and then transferring schools at the end is pretty funny. I liked Lorelai and Paul’s, aka the kid, burrito bit. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing more of Paul after this episode.

This episode makes me sad. There’s a part of me that always believed maybe the best guy for Rory would have been Tristan had he stayed.


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