Gilmore Girls “The Bracebridge Dinner” – Season 2 Episode 10

I do not remember watching this episode, but I vaguely remember bits and pieces of it. Rune kind of cracked me up in this one with his awkwardness and bad jokes. I liked how the end tied back to the beginning. Instead of being more like a lady, I like how Rory really wanted to win the snowman contest and Jess is making it happen. I could sense the jealousy between Dean and Jess when he glances over at Jess and Rory making eye contact. It’s really a pity he brought his little sister with him to the dinner, otherwise he could have spent it with Rory a little more. I know she had to work the event, but they could have ridden the horse and carriage together. Jess took advantage of the situation and this probably where he and Rory began. Luke was not as funny in this episode, but I liked the bit where he tells Lorelai there’s no way he’s going, then concludes with he’ll be there at 8, or is it 7? The best part in my opinion is when Emily gets so upset with the whole Richard quitting his insurance job thing she takes a walk. She runs into him on accident and then he has a nice talk with her. Communication is the biggest problem among couples and he was finally communicating with her instead of leaving her in the dark. More workaholic men like that need to do that.


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