Gilmore Girls “Secrets and Loans” – Season 2 Episode 11

I really like this episode and I actually remember watching this one. Right off the bat I agreed with Rory and didn’t like how stubborn Lorelai was being about borrowing money from her mother to fix the house. I was surprised they had a huge fight over it, but I can see why Lorelai would get upset, since borrowing money from her parents has always been a sensitive subject with her. It’s the whole basis to this show.

I can relate to her fight with Lane. I am currently in a friend situation like her. I don’t have the option to join a cheerleading squad like Lane does, but I get the whole my-best-friend-is-no-longer-available-because-she-spends-all-her-time-with-her-boyfriend thing. I SO get it.

I love the part with Dean. This time there were no other guys in the picture to make him jealous and I loved when he said, “Think fast!” and threw the basketball past her head haha. As usual, she was reading a book, and didn’t catch it.


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