Gilmore Girls “It Should’ve Been Lorelai” – Season 2 Episode 14

I did not like how this one ended, but I appreciated Luke more.

My favorite character was Michel. xD He was in my favorite part of the whole thing. Rory and Lane orchestrated the best cute moment of the whole episode and maybe the whole series, haha. Lane is under house arrest over trying to date Henry, the perfect Korean boy who was med school bound and would have been very well accepted by Mrs. Kim. There is a single that came out and she wanted it really bad, so she called Rory on her limited phone time to get Rory to buy the single for her and get it to her somehow without Mrs. Kim finding out. So they involved Kirk and Michel and while Kirk acted as the distraction, Michel ran around the block for an hour in a white hoodie before successfully sliding the CD into Lane’s bag. Man, I want to see the footage of Rory asking Michel and Kirk to help out!

Meanwhile, Paris definitely has no life and is good at emotionally manipulating someone. Chris shows up to Rory’s debate with his new girlfriend Sherry and at the end of the episode, I feel like he misunderstood Lorelai and started yelling at her for no reason. Luke’s a really good friend this episode.


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