Gilmore Girls “Lost and Found” – Season 2 Episode 15

I really liked this episode because I’ve never seen it. The one thing that stood out for me is Lorelai’s mother’s instinct in figuring out what Jess did. But then again, Jess was right too. How come it took Rory two weeks to realize her bracelet was missing and only because Dean noticed? How come she wants her mother to like Jess so much? Jess is being really sneaky going after Dean’s girl and no one even sees it yet, not even Rory. The best part is Luke is all for this relationship and doesn’t notice Lorelai is not.

I like the ending a lot. It’s pretty funny Luke and Jess go apartment hunting and keep doing their bit about holding hands and skipping. xD It’s also pretty funny Luke and Lorelai’s dialogue while looking at one apartment and then how freaked out Luke becomes when he buys Taylor’s building.


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