Gilmore Girls “There’s the Rub” – Season 2 Episode 16

I didn’t remember that I had seen this episode at all until Jess came over and brought the “care package” from Luke. I didn’t remember all of the Dean parts, including the fight with Jess and I absolutely had no idea about Lorelai and Emily going to the spa, but I do vaguely remember them stealing the robe together. I kind of felt weird too that Emily was dancing with that man and it made me question whether I’m a traditionalist at heart when it comes to relationships.

The opening was funny. I didn’t remember about Luke’s Diner construction, but I definitely LOLed when Jess quietly brought an umbrella over to Rory and then later when Lorelai sits down and Rory tells her mother to lean in. xD I thought Paris was so annoying at the beginning, but then my opinion of her changed as soon as she covered for Rory when Rory was having that shouting match with Dean. But you could tell Rory’s getting more and more into Jess toward the end when she couldn’t stop talking to him. It was adorable watching him squirm like that and really cute that he was trying so hard to cover up the fact he was behind the “care package.” Also, I love how everyone knows how much Rory and her mom eat! xD


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