Gilmore Girls “Back in the Saddle Again” – Season 2 Episode 18

I’ve never seen this one and I’m glad I did now. Michel’s mother!! I wonder if she ever appears on any other episode, but it doesn’t matter. I think it’s pretty awesome she gets to come in on this one. It goes to show everyone has issues with their mother and no matter how chill someone seems to be with their mother on the surface, their mother has something to pick about them beneath the surface.

I felt sorry for Dean without really knowing why. He had to have another pity talk with Lorelai. Jess didn’t even make an appearance this episode, but he caused Dean to worry about his relationship with Rory. Although, Rory hinted at seeing Jess later when she told her mom she and Lane may be sneaking over to Luke’s later and earlier when they were at the diner, Rory recognized Jess’s handwriting. That’s too much power over someone and I didn’t peg Dean as someone who would call a girl up 14 times in an hour or whatever. This episode we start to see how he may not measure up to Rory standards. There are so many other guys out there who measure up a little better because they can have better conversations with her than Dean can.

I felt sorry for Richard as well, though he has a happier ending than Dean by the end of the episode. I felt sorry for how hopeless Richard was feeling as a man, lost without his career. I’m glad Rory was able to inspire him and bring him back, so to speak.


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