Gilmore Girls “Teach Me Tonight” – Season 2 Episode 19

I remember watching parts of this episode, but some parts slip my mind. The car accident I remember, but not the movie festival and certainly not Kirk’s short. xD

It made me sad to see Lorelai so angry with Luke, even though she had a good reason to be. My favorite moment was when Luke found Jess and goes to sit down next to him. When Jess opens with, “I made sure she was okay,” he responds with “I know.” I thought that was a sweet moment. But it was disappointing when he sent him back to his mother.

I also don’t remember Rory’s dad being a part of this whole thing, especially not the girls falling asleep and Lorelai finding him there when she wakes up. I agree with Lorelai though, it was great to see him in superhero mode.


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