Gilmore Girls “Lorelai’s Graduation Day” – Season 2 Episode 21

I agree with Lorelai that there’s got to be something there between Jess and Rory, that Rory is falling for Jess, but I also agree with Rorry that maybe there’s nothing there yet and she just wanted to visit him. I think it was cute how she thinks she’s a part of New York and someone thought she was a native and Jess reassured her he would let that person know she gave him the wrong directions after she got on the bus. I felt bad she left the vinyl record on the bus though. 😦 Her apology was overkill.

At first Emily was really annoying with the cameraman and everything, but I think it was all worth it when she and Lorelai had that moment together and Lorelai got to move her tassel. I really liked that moment. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who fusses over you that much. Sometimes.

It was even cute when Jackson was sleepy and finally “woke up” a few days later. xD

I really wanted to have one of those hot dogs…


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