Gilmore Girls “Here Comes the Son” – Season 3 Episode 21

I’m not sure I like having Jimmy in the picture. It was sad watching Jess basically beg him for a place to crash. I mean, Jess did it in his own Jess way, but still. He was begging. I didn’t know he even made this trip all the way out to California, but I guess there must have been some destination that explained for his disappearance from Rory’s life and then coming back and then doing that all over again. It feels weird that Rory and Lorelai aren’t obligated to have Friday night dinners with Emily and Richard anymore. I liked how Rory was able to fight with her mother when she was getting picked up from her grandparents’, but then come back in to Emily and tell Emily how ridiculous she’s being. She didn’t take anybody’s side. That was very Legally Blonde classy of her.


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