Gilmore Girls “Gilmore Girls Only” – Season 7 Episode 17

This was an interesting take on the Gilmore girls. There was something about Lorelai, something about Rory, something about Emily, and even something about Lane. I feel like Lane may not share the last name, but she is a Gilmore girl as well. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about Rory icing Logan out when he comes to see her at the wedding, but my gut tells me she did the right thing. But this whole episode made me think about the idea of blowing some steam off. What would that look like for me? I’m not sure I want to find out for real though. Usually when I wonder something like that, it turns out bad. The fun thing is, even though Rory’s blowing off steam is really different from Logan’s version, he seems to like her just the way she is. That’s really cool and we can all only hope to meet someone like him.

And it was so cute when Lane and Zach have Luke over for dinner, especially how Zach invites him. I was touched by their stories of how they really don’t have any family in town and I felt for Zach over his fears about becoming a dad. It seemed real in his Zach way. Luke is also really good at calming everyone down when he’s not freaking out himself over something.


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