Gilmore Girls “Lorelai’s Graduation Day” – Season 2 Episode 21

I agree with Lorelai that there’s got to be something there between Jess and Rory, that Rory is falling for Jess, but I also agree with Rorry that maybe there’s nothing there yet and she just wanted to visit him. I think it was cute how she thinks she’s a part of New York and someone thought she was a native and Jess reassured her he would let that person know she gave him the wrong directions after she got on the bus. I felt bad she left the vinyl record on the bus though. 😦 Her apology was overkill.

At first Emily was really annoying with the cameraman and everything, but I think it was all worth it when she and Lorelai had that moment together and Lorelai got to move her tassel. I really liked that moment. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who fusses over you that much. Sometimes.

It was even cute when Jackson was sleepy and finally “woke up” a few days later. xD

I really wanted to have one of those hot dogs…

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Gilmore Girls “Help Wanted” – Season 2 Episode 20

I have not seen this episode, but now it all makes sense about how Lane got started with playing drums.

I may not have seen this one, but it feels like all the reactions were predictable. Dean comes home and when he finds out Rory has a wrist cast on he freaks out. When Emily finds out she reacts in the same way. Rory goes around apologizing to everyone about the accident so much I could predict the blow up she was about to have with her mother. I didn’t see her talking to Luke at the end though. I didn’t think she’d try to tell him it wasn’t Jess’s fault. It was really nice of her to do so though.

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Gilmore Girls “Teach Me Tonight” – Season 2 Episode 19

I remember watching parts of this episode, but some parts slip my mind. The car accident I remember, but not the movie festival and certainly not Kirk’s short. xD

It made me sad to see Lorelai so angry with Luke, even though she had a good reason to be. My favorite moment was when Luke found Jess and goes to sit down next to him. When Jess opens with, “I made sure she was okay,” he responds with “I know.” I thought that was a sweet moment. But it was disappointing when he sent him back to his mother.

I also don’t remember Rory’s dad being a part of this whole thing, especially not the girls falling asleep and Lorelai finding him there when she wakes up. I agree with Lorelai though, it was great to see him in superhero mode.

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Gilmore Girls “Back in the Saddle Again” – Season 2 Episode 18

I’ve never seen this one and I’m glad I did now. Michel’s mother!! I wonder if she ever appears on any other episode, but it doesn’t matter. I think it’s pretty awesome she gets to come in on this one. It goes to show everyone has issues with their mother and no matter how chill someone seems to be with their mother on the surface, their mother has something to pick about them beneath the surface.

I felt sorry for Dean without really knowing why. He had to have another pity talk with Lorelai. Jess didn’t even make an appearance this episode, but he caused Dean to worry about his relationship with Rory. Although, Rory hinted at seeing Jess later when she told her mom she and Lane may be sneaking over to Luke’s later and earlier when they were at the diner, Rory recognized Jess’s handwriting. That’s too much power over someone and I didn’t peg Dean as someone who would call a girl up 14 times in an hour or whatever. This episode we start to see how he may not measure up to Rory standards. There are so many other guys out there who measure up a little better because they can have better conversations with her than Dean can.

I felt sorry for Richard as well, though he has a happier ending than Dean by the end of the episode. I felt sorry for how hopeless Richard was feeling as a man, lost without his career. I’m glad Rory was able to inspire him and bring him back, so to speak.

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Gilmore Girls “Dead Uncles and Vegetables” – Season 2 Episode 17

I’m pretty sure I just found an episode I never saw. This one wasn’t that interesting, but the parts that stood out were Luke yelling at the casket and Rory making Jess do stuff to help out Luke around the diner. I wondered where Dean was. He was missing in person and in conversation. The very beginning was kind of funny with Emily leaving a million messages on Lorelai’s answering machine, yet proving another point of how annoying she can be.

I found it endearing of Lorelai to comfort Luke by letting him know how he is not like his uncle and go to the funeral with him.

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Gilmore Girls “There’s the Rub” – Season 2 Episode 16

I didn’t remember that I had seen this episode at all until Jess came over and brought the “care package” from Luke. I didn’t remember all of the Dean parts, including the fight with Jess and I absolutely had no idea about Lorelai and Emily going to the spa, but I do vaguely remember them stealing the robe together. I kind of felt weird too that Emily was dancing with that man and it made me question whether I’m a traditionalist at heart when it comes to relationships.

The opening was funny. I didn’t remember about Luke’s Diner construction, but I definitely LOLed when Jess quietly brought an umbrella over to Rory and then later when Lorelai sits down and Rory tells her mother to lean in. xD I thought Paris was so annoying at the beginning, but then my opinion of her changed as soon as she covered for Rory when Rory was having that shouting match with Dean. But you could tell Rory’s getting more and more into Jess toward the end when she couldn’t stop talking to him. It was adorable watching him squirm like that and really cute that he was trying so hard to cover up the fact he was behind the “care package.” Also, I love how everyone knows how much Rory and her mom eat! xD

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Gilmore Girls “Lost and Found” – Season 2 Episode 15

I really liked this episode because I’ve never seen it. The one thing that stood out for me is Lorelai’s mother’s instinct in figuring out what Jess did. But then again, Jess was right too. How come it took Rory two weeks to realize her bracelet was missing and only because Dean noticed? How come she wants her mother to like Jess so much? Jess is being really sneaky going after Dean’s girl and no one even sees it yet, not even Rory. The best part is Luke is all for this relationship and doesn’t notice Lorelai is not.

I like the ending a lot. It’s pretty funny Luke and Jess go apartment hunting and keep doing their bit about holding hands and skipping. xD It’s also pretty funny Luke and Lorelai’s dialogue while looking at one apartment and then how freaked out Luke becomes when he buys Taylor’s building.

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