Gilmore Girls “Jews and Chinese Food” – Season 5 Episode 15

This is the saddest episode for Marty I have seen so far. I don’t even know if he appears in more episodes, but I am seriously sad for him and now I understand why a fan friend of mine said she likes Marty. I do not like Logan in this one at all. OK, maybe not at all, but certainly not how he kind of stole the evening away from Marty. Though, in his defense, he did say he’d come see Rory Saturday night and she did agree. I was actually waiting for him to show up in my head. xD

Why doesn’t Rory just like Marty? I think maybe in the end he was the best guy for her. Le sigh.

Meanwhile Luke and Lorelai. They’re broken up, but they are both people with big hearts and that’s why they are perfect for each other. But Kirk, why? Why is Kirk acting with children? It feels inappropriate. Just when I thought I would miss him…

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Gilmore Girls “Say Something” – Season 5 Episode 14

This episode made me sad for Lorelai. I’ve never seen her this depressed. I’ve never seen her not put together with her hair like that, desperately trying to erase the message she left on Luke’s phone and then running into him with her hair like that. I love Rory this episode though. And Logan. Rory puts all the other daughters of this world to shame. It’s so crazy how small towns work though, with a breakup happening barely 24 hours and then there’s pink and blue ribbons all over town and Rory just wants to run to the store and get a couple of things for her mother and she can’t show her face or they will bombard her with questions.

Logan was a good guy this episode. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of a few where he’s a decent guy.

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Gilmore Girls “Wedding Bell Blues” – Season 5 Episode 13

“You and me, we’re done.” Those are not words you ever want to hear. Lane’s friend not knowing what the bachelorette party was for was so annoying. >.<

Emily and Richard were having the perfect second wedding up until those words from Lorelai. Logan’s explanation to Rory about why he’s thought about asking Rory out, but never has makes PERFECT SENSE. For me. I am actually grateful for this episode because it explains so much about so many guys.

For once there’s no Kirk?

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Gilmore Girls “Come Home” – Season 5 Episode 12

Yes! Emily finally allows Richard to come home. It only took one date with another man to do it and them getting together to discuss schedules cordially together to see that they belong together. I couldn’t believe Richard slammed into Emily’s car though.

Emily and Richard are the typical couple who likes interfering with who their family is involved with. This includes Rory and Lorelai’s love lives. I’m not sure I like it.

Lane got contacts! I’ve never seen her without her glasses and it was funny when Zach made a fuss over her without her glasses and then agreed with Mrs. Kim. Agreeing with Mrs. Kim is how Mrs. Kim was able to calm down. I couldn’t believe how that little Korean boy was able to command Lane’s band to sit down every time one of them wanted to get up. I actually couldn’t believe it. Are Koreans really like that? We should just let them run the world.

Kirk is everywhere. I don’t know how he lives. I can’t believe Luke got a TV for the bedroom just because Lorelai wanted one. He spoils her and I guess I didn’t expect that from him. I mean, I still want to say he’s so good to her, but now it’s kind of embarrassing. I don’t know.

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Gilmore Girls “Women of Questionable Morals” – Season 5 Episode 11

I have never seen this episode. It made me jealous of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship for a sec. He’s so good to her, especially when he came to shovel snow for her and built her that ice rink just so her relationship with snow can be good again. How many boyfriends do that now?

I don’t like how Rory treats her dad. It shouldn’t have taken a death to soften her heart and treat him the way he should be treated, but then again, I have never been in her shoes. It makes me appreciate my dad more.

I liked how the dog brought Emily and Richard together, but was disappointed when it ended with her going back into the house and him going back to work without them reconciling. Now I’m excited to find out what will happen between Richard and Emily.

KIRK. xD I have no words. I can’t believe he did what he did, but he does have a good heart. Kirk is growing on me. He makes the show interesting for sure.

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Gilmore Girls “But Not as Cute as Pushkin” – Season 5 Episode 10

Sometimes I get the feeling the episodes are writing themselves even though I know all of them already happened.

I never saw this one, but afterwards I felt that Rory has the coolest grandpa ever. Logan’s face at the end kills me. xD

I finally know how Paris and Doyle got together. I’m glad she’s onto a healthier relationship. I find it funny how much she finds other girls her competition, down to Anna, the high school girl.

I’m not sure I like Luke’s temper very much. But I do like how he makes up with Lorelai.

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Gilmore Girls “Emily Says Hello” – Season 5 Episode 9

I can’t believe “hello” is a line. I should try it sometime. xD

Emily was ridiculous bossing Lorelai to come over there at once. I can’t imagine my mother doing that. Rory was ridiculous too, what with attacking her dad like that. I was sad for Christopher at the end though. I really wanted Lorelai to pick up the phone, but maybe it was for the best. One thing’s for sure. She knows how to talk to men.

Meanwhile, I want to eat all of Sookie’s unwanted food. Oh, and I like Marty! I wish Rory didn’t fall asleep on him though. I wanted to see what would have happened if she answered his question about her breaking up with her boyfriend.

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