Gilmore Girls “Lost and Found” – Season 2 Episode 15

I really liked this episode because I’ve never seen it. The one thing that stood out for me is Lorelai’s mother’s instinct in figuring out what Jess did. But then again, Jess was right too. How come it took Rory two weeks to realize her bracelet was missing and only because Dean noticed? How come she wants her mother to like Jess so much? Jess is being really sneaky going after Dean’s girl and no one even sees it yet, not even Rory. The best part is Luke is all for this relationship and doesn’t notice Lorelai is not.

I like the ending a lot. It’s pretty funny Luke and Jess go apartment hunting and keep doing their bit about holding hands and skipping. xD It’s also pretty funny Luke and Lorelai’s dialogue while looking at one apartment and then how freaked out Luke becomes when he buys Taylor’s building.

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Gilmore Girls “It Should’ve Been Lorelai” – Season 2 Episode 14

I did not like how this one ended, but I appreciated Luke more.

My favorite character was Michel. xD He was in my favorite part of the whole thing. Rory and Lane orchestrated the best cute moment of the whole episode and maybe the whole series, haha. Lane is under house arrest over trying to date Henry, the perfect Korean boy who was med school bound and would have been very well accepted by Mrs. Kim. There is a single that came out and she wanted it really bad, so she called Rory on her limited phone time to get Rory to buy the single for her and get it to her somehow without Mrs. Kim finding out. So they involved Kirk and Michel and while Kirk acted as the distraction, Michel ran around the block for an hour in a white hoodie before successfully sliding the CD into Lane’s bag. Man, I want to see the footage of Rory asking Michel and Kirk to help out!

Meanwhile, Paris definitely has no life and is good at emotionally manipulating someone. Chris shows up to Rory’s debate with his new girlfriend Sherry and at the end of the episode, I feel like he misunderstood Lorelai and started yelling at her for no reason. Luke’s a really good friend this episode.

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Gilmore Girls “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” – Season 2 Episode 13

I remember watching this one, but not all of the minor character parts. There were a lot of fights in this one and I could understand the sides of all the minor characters. I understand the pain Lane was going through, especially coming from the Asian background experience. Her mother was yelling at her to go to her room and “calm down” and then when she was running up the stairs, her mother yelled after her that she wasn’t calming down. I understood how upset Lane felt in that moment because that’s exactly what Asian parents do. They yell at you for having emotions. They kick you while you are down thinking this is how you are going to be a “better” person.

I understood why Dean was so upset Rory was going to follow the “rules” of the picnic basket bid and go have lunch with Jess. I understood why he needed to talk to Lorelai. Any boyfriend would not be happy with his girl spending time with another guy, let alone have a picnic with him. You could really tell though, especially by the end of the episode, how much Rory enjoyed spending time with Jess and how much he’s growing on her.

I understood how Kirk felt about every year not having anyone make him a basket, not even his mother. He’s the funny quirky awkward character you love to feel sorry for. I didn’t like how Jackson came over and just demanded him to hand over the basket Kirk already won.

My favorite lol lines:

“My mother agreed with me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I appreciate that.”

Also – “You’re sure he’s Korean?”

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Gilmore Girls “Richard in Stars Hollow” – Season 2 Episode 12

I did not remember this episode until the end. Not too much happened in this one, but you get to see Lorelai’s father micromanaging her life. My favorite part was at the beginning when she takes him to Luke’s for breakfast and he insists she get a grapefruit. But then Luke doesn’t have any, so he has to go to a nearby grocery store just to get one for her to please her dad. xD

I was upset with Paris for making Rory cancel her plans with her grandpa just to work on a story for the Franklin. I thought that was very inconsiderate of her. Obviously Paris has no life.

The very end made me sad. Richard’s feelings were hurt and then when he got home, he couldn’t even tell Emily what really happened so that made me more sad. :/

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Gilmore Girls “Secrets and Loans” – Season 2 Episode 11

I really like this episode and I actually remember watching this one. Right off the bat I agreed with Rory and didn’t like how stubborn Lorelai was being about borrowing money from her mother to fix the house. I was surprised they had a huge fight over it, but I can see why Lorelai would get upset, since borrowing money from her parents has always been a sensitive subject with her. It’s the whole basis to this show.

I can relate to her fight with Lane. I am currently in a friend situation like her. I don’t have the option to join a cheerleading squad like Lane does, but I get the whole my-best-friend-is-no-longer-available-because-she-spends-all-her-time-with-her-boyfriend thing. I SO get it.

I love the part with Dean. This time there were no other guys in the picture to make him jealous and I loved when he said, “Think fast!” and threw the basketballĀ pastĀ her head haha. As usual, she was reading a book, and didn’t catch it.

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Gilmore Girls “The Bracebridge Dinner” – Season 2 Episode 10

I do not remember watching this episode, but I vaguely remember bits and pieces of it. Rune kind of cracked me up in this one with his awkwardness and bad jokes. I liked how the end tied back to the beginning. Instead of being more like a lady, I like how Rory really wanted to win the snowman contest and Jess is making it happen. I could sense the jealousy between Dean and Jess when he glances over at Jess and Rory making eye contact. It’s really a pity he brought his little sister with him to the dinner, otherwise he could have spent it with Rory a little more. I know she had to work the event, but they could have ridden the horse and carriage together. Jess took advantage of the situation and this probably where he and Rory began. Luke was not as funny in this episode, but I liked the bit where he tells Lorelai there’s no way he’s going, then concludes with he’ll be there at 8, or is it 7? The best part in my opinion is when Emily gets so upset with the whole Richard quitting his insurance job thing she takes a walk. She runs into him on accident and then he has a nice talk with her. Communication is the biggest problem among couples and he was finally communicating with her instead of leaving her in the dark. More workaholic men like that need to do that.

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Gilmore Girls “Run Away, Little Boy” – Season 2 Episode 9

AKA the last episode Tristan shows up. I think the title is kind of ironic because he’s not really running away. Those words could never be used to describe Tristan.

Everything Sookie tells Lorelai about Luke is so true. I like how she explains it to her and then Lorelai goes to Luke at the end, making him happy to confirm that yes, he will always be in her life and vice versa. They have never dated, but there are things heating up between them for sure that goes beyond dating, if that makes sense.

I enjoyed the blueberry pancakes fight between Michel and Sookie at the beginning just as much as I enjoyed the girls calling the ice cream maker and orphan. You can always count on Michel to provide some comic relief. xD

Brad being terribly afraid to do the scene with them and then transferring schools at the end is pretty funny. I liked Lorelai and Paul’s, aka the kid, burrito bit. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing more of Paul after this episode.

This episode makes me sad. There’s a part of me that always believed maybe the best guy for Rory would have been Tristan had he stayed.

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